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The myth that Valentine’s Day is only about romance should be discussed. The evolution of Valentine’s Day throughout the years is an interesting story to listen to, but after so many years of celebration, Valentine’s day is not just about romantic love. When you’re in a relationship it’s very easy to see this holiday as a lovey dovey day filled with chocolates and red hearts. It makes sense for single people everywhere to start hating the holiday, but what about other kinds of love in your life? Love isn’t always romantic, and its time we recognize the other forms of love.

Valentine’s Day should be a celebration of all kinds of love. Love from your family, your friends, and even from yourself. It’s a day to appreciate those who are always there for you, whether that be from a romantic partner or a good friend. That is why I am a firm believer in celebrating Galentine’s Day.

It’s totally fine that heart shaped jewelry and dozens of roses from your significant other is your thing, but if you want a day just to celebrate your friendships then this holiday is for you. Galentine’s Day was originally created in the hit show Parks and Recreation by boss lady Amy Poehler. Poehler’s character Leslie Knope reserved February 13th as a day strictly for her gal pals and now Galentine’s Day is slowly being celebrated by tons of friends everywhere.

I can’t wait to celebrate Galentine’s Day this year because I don’t fall into the singles category, but I will be spending Valentine’s Day alone. My long distance boyfriend and I have been together for a year, and although everything is nothing short of perfect, we will be spending our Valentine’s Day separately because of our living situation. My friends have been asking me numerous times about my plans for that day, curious to see if I will be flying out to surprise my valentine, but after hearing that I have nothing planned they decided to change that. Hearing my friends plan out what we all are going to do for Valentine’s Day made me realize that love is more than just a romantic relationship. It’s the unconditional support and care you get from the people you surround yourself with. Galentine’s day is more than just a fictional TV holiday. It’s a day you can celebrate all forms of love in your life and share your appreciation for those who always have your back. 


Shelly is a junior studying Human Communications while minoring in Writing/Rhetoric at UCF. She is bilingual in both English and Hebrew. Besides writing, one of her many passions is theatre. You'll almost always find her singing and being the most dramatic person in the group! 
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