I'm The Girl With The Strong Personality

I am the girl with the strong personality. I say what I'm thinking, but never hurt anyone. I'm confident enough to go after my dreams and speak up when I feel that it is necessary. Barely anything scares me and I know that when I want to achieve something, it will be mine. Some people would say that a personality like mine is too strong and in certain situations it should be dulled or concealed, but I would disagree. Having a strong personality is not a flaw or something that should be hidden, but instead it's something that should be appreciated and not taken for granted. There might be a few reasons why I would feel somewhat uncomfortable showing my true colors as a strong, independent individual, but there are so many more that serve as proof for why I, and many others like me, should never feel like we have to tone down our personality or hide our true selves. 


1. We will be the leaders of the future.

We aren't afraid to stand up and say something if we see that there is an unfair advantage, if something is fishy or isn't right or if we feel uncomfortable. This is an amazing quality to have because it brings everything out in the open, reveals injustices and resolves situations that need to be noticed and improved upon. Being able to speak your mind, especially when it is something that you care about is an extraordinary trait and will take you so far in life. You may even become the next leaders, innovators and politicians and as Michael Scott likes to say, you have the potential to be the "world's best boss". 


2. We help others realize what they deserve.

We aren't afraid to tell the truth, so therefore, we tell others what they need to hear (in a loving way of course). We care deeply and want what is best for those around us and will actively engage in trying to make life situations better. We won't sit on the sidelines and watch as one of our friends or family members gets hurt by someone else or lets themselves be used or taken for granted. We want an even playing field for everyone where those who might be afraid to speak up can do so and not be judged. 


3. We inspire others. 

 Those of us with bold personalities will fight for what we believe in and go after our goals and this is why we are great friends who will instill the same principles in our companions. We want our friends to succeed and go after their dreams, whether it be a career goal, applying for internships or becoming involved in activities that will benefit their future professional aspirations. We encourage others to take a risk, to work harder and to realize that if they go after what they want, it could most definitely be theirs. 


4. We give good advice. 

We are willing to listen, but we also will give advice that helps in the long run. If you come to someone like myself for advice I will always listen to what you have to say and provide you with tools to help you in the future and that will guide you if you ever are in a similar situation. People such as myself are realistic and grounded and can tell you what you sometimes need to hear, but maybe don't want to. This can be seen as pessimism, but instead, it is realism and can only benefit those who come to you for advice becuase they will know the reality of the fact and how they can improve upon themselves and their situation in the days to come.  

5. We are extremely hard workers.

In any given situation, we will work hard for what we want and what we know we deserve and nothing can take it away from us. We will live up to the task that has been assigned to us and we will most likely ask for more to do. We must always be active or helping others and we benefit from gaining furtherance in our professional career and academic career and will do most anything to better ourselves as individuals. 


6. We are passionate. 

If you have a strong personality, you are most likely passionate about something and you will speak freely about it. Being passionate is a characteristic that will take you far in life because when you have a passion for something it is infectious and others will see that and take note of it. People will appreciate your zeal and determination and it can only benefit you in the long run. 


7. We'll never give up. 

Even when we fail, that won't stop us. We will continue to improve and make ourselves better individuals so that next time we can succeed. We want to grow as a person and become the best version of ourselves through trial and error and through hard work and determination. We see failure as an opportunity to try again and we will do just that. 




As you can see, having a bold personality isn't something to be ashamed of or something that should be hidden. Especially being a female in today's society, sometimes it seems that we need to lessen ourselves or make ourselves unnoticeable, but that is not the case and it never should be. Those of us with strong personalities should let ourselves shine and realize our full potential because we will be leaders and educators and politicians. In the future, I'm hoping that we won't let something as simple as being ashamed or embarrassed keep us from being ourselves and showing others who we are through talking about causes we care for and things we want to change. Remember that having a strong personality is a blessing and use it your advantage as you go forward in pursuing yout goals and dreams. 


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