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Idol: Putting the “Fun” in Dysfunctional

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

            It’s another year, which means another search for the next American Idol. While we loved the traditional American Idol judges, Paula and Simon can’t quite match the dynamism of the season 12 judges. Country heartthrob Keith Urban is sandwiched between two of pop’s biggest divas. In the second episode of the two-night audition premiere, he described his experience by saying he felt like “a scratching post.” The claws are definitely out!

            Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey bring a whole new level of interest to the already iconic show. Following a YouTube leak of the infamous brawl that supposedly involved a threat from Miss Minaj, viewers were eager to see what shenanigans these two would bring to Idol. Despite the “shade” being thrown between the two egos at the table, viewers have seen hope for a new set of talented performers.

Although she has a tough exterior, Minaj has proved to be a softhearted judge, giving contestants words of encouragement after being voted out of the competition. And that English accent: what is that? I don’t know if the world is ready for Minaj’s kooky personality and vocabulary. However, for those of you who need some help understanding this bubbly character, don’t fret, she has her own Nictionary.

            Randy is described by Carey as “the anchor of the group.” He is the most seasoned judge and knows what it means to be selective and firm in deciding who will be given such a prestigious title. It is also interesting to see this veteran judge react to the rookies and the outbursts that weren’t such a common event with previous judges.

            Keith Urban is the first ever country artist featured on the show and is the calm and collective judge that is sometimes outshined by his over-the-top counterparts. It’s refreshing to have a levelheaded judge to balance the chaos.

            Let’s not forget about the legend! Mariah Carey is one of the most successful female pop artists of all time, making her position on Idol a no-brainer. She has the type of wisdom that the contestants could learn from and the experience that will help her make the right decision in choosing the next Idol. This year will definitely be interesting at the judging table. Let’s just hope Nicki and Mariah can get over their feud and focus more on the competition. If anything, the show will be entertaining just based on the performance of the very strong characteristics of the new judges.

Matt Fultz is a sophomore studying Marketing and Magazine Journalism. He is currently the official fashion blogger of Her Fashion and contributing writer for HCUCF. After college, Matt hopes to work for a fashion magazine in NYC and gain a reputation as a fashion photographer. Follow Matt on Twitter: @MattWFultz for fashion updates and more! 
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