I Wore Red Lipstick for a Week

When I was younger, I would watch films where the women would wear red lipstick. The color was vibrant against their skin, and they looked glamorous like old Hollywood. I remember that my representation of classy women was anyone who wore pearls and red lipstick. In pop culture, this makeup trend is seen as a powerful statement.

So naturally, I decided to challenge myself to wear red lipstick every day of the week.

Day One

I was hesitant to put on my barely worn, Generation G lipstick that I had gotten from Glossier a couple of months ago. The color was a brighter red which slightly brought out my blue eyes. As I slid the lipstick over my lips and saw the color take over, I realized that I could pull it off. I had the power to walk around with this color and own it. I also realized that wearing red lipstick is a journey of confidence, one that women or men can take.

Day Two

I had no classes for that day so I wore red lipstick around my house. It felt like I was Blanche on The Golden Girls because I could even take on the world in my living room. The day went on as I finished my assignments for I leave for England at the end of the week. Of course, my red lipstick wore off, but it left a light wash for me to feel invincible. That all changed though when I had to wash it off and go to sleep.

Day Three

Wednesday was filled with Starbucks orders and writing a Shakespeare essay. I wore a comfortable outfit because I would be sitting down all day, but I added color with Generation G. The sheer red instantly contrasted with my white t-shirt, making me feel like I should be pinned on someone’s style board. Does that sound conceited? No, okay.

Day Four

By Thursday I felt like Marilyn Monroe, a pro at red lipstick. I was comfortable enough to put it on in the morning, but I was sad to take it off at night. As I looked down at the washed off red, I realized that wearing this color does give me confidence. It’s not a subtle, nude lipstick or a lip gloss, but it boosts any feature that you love on your face. For me, it brings out the blue in my eyes.

Day Five

Friday is the day I leave for England, but I will arrive in style with my Generation G lipstick. I’ll imagine that as I step off the plane and envision the Queen saluting my red lipstick as she wears hers. Hopefully, I stop a cute, ginger boy in his tracks or become apart of a picture in London that will sell in Ikea.  

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edited by kh