I Went to the Lorde Concert and This Happened

Attending the Lorde concert was an experience that I will never forget. Seriously.

Let’s begin with how comfortable the environment was; it was so inviting. Everyone was walking around in their best outfits or their "loungeist" ones, and the best part was that no one cared. Actually, there were girls complimenting other girls outfits in the bathrooms. It was honestly the sweetest bathroom girl small talk I've ever had. The concert was not a 'statement' fashion show like Coachella but it felt like a cozy night in Ellas’s (Lorde) living room. Her "merch," as the kids say these days, was so aesthetically pleasing and the lines were nothing like Black Friday. The crowds were really cool, calm, and collected compared to the other concerts I have been to in my youth. 

At last, the time finally came around for the Queen of the night to take her stage. She was extravagant, glowing, amazing - any possible awe-inspiring adjectives you can think of. She sounded so great live, it was almost as if we were in a studio with her! Lorde is my favorite female artist. That being said, I am in no way biased (just kidding). But truthfully, even my boyfriend who only knows her hit songs had a good night. The way her music radiated to the point that people were hardly chanting, just singing and swaying along with the songs (a.k.a. an environment I want to partake in all the time). Other than her angelic vocals, her lighting and dance crew were ON POINT. I mean literally, at one point they were in a floating box that was tilted at a point and they continued to phenomenally dance. Speechless.

This is where something within me shifted. Lorde spoke to us - she genuinely sat down, barefoot on a speaker, and took her time to speak to us about how we were feeling and her best memories. If I could have framed this moment, I would. However, what happened in me was a change to accept everyone even more, to admire strangers. As the songs were dancing along the lights that illuminated on stage, I was able to feel everyone and everything. I looked around and peered at the rest of the audience and came to the conclusion that everyone is the same. The emotions we feel and the way she made us feel - we were all one and that’s all I ever want to be. Happy and peaceful within the community, within the world.

Long story short, love each other, listen to Lorde, go to your favorite artists concerts, and don’t forget to smile.

All photos were taken by the author.