I Let My Boyfriend Dress Me For a Week

While I may not be a certified fashionista, I love clothes. Aside from when I am half-asleep and getting ready for an 8 a.m. class, I tend to put a decent amount of thought into what I wear. 

For the past week, I was stripped away of that pleasure when I let my boyfriend, Didier, dress me for seven days straight. While this might not seem too bad, let me just inform you that his entire wardrobe consists of a collection of free T-shirts that he has gathered over the years, a couple of pairs of basketball shorts, and a single pair of khaki joggers. And no, I’m not even exaggerating. 

Day 1

Before having Didier pick out my clothes for the day, I decided to organize a bit to make it easier. Even though I know where everything is in my closet, to someone who isn’t used to dealing with it on a daily basis (especially someone of the male kind), I have no doubt it is a bit chaotic looking. I thought this was a great idea until he spotted last year’s Halloween costume amidst my cleaning session and was set on making me wear it. 

After much deliberation (and calling in my roommate for reinforcements), it was decided that he wasn’t allowed to make me wear anything strictly to embarrass me. After walking back into my room defeated, he eventually decided on this:

Day 2

On the second day, we were going to a one-year-old’s birthday party. He picked out a pastel floral romper, which I was pretty happy about since it was dressy enough but still comfy and breathable. That said, I was helping with decorating, and my attire made it very difficult to reach up. Like at all. Eventually, I came up with a solution and assigned him with all tasks that required me to reach above my head. 

Day 3

He reached his hand into the depths of my closet and pulled out a dress from about the ninth grade and said: “This is cute.” I reluctantly put it on even though it was very short and covered in teal leopard print. For a girl who likes to stick with pastels and neutrals, this wouldn’t be my first choice, but to be completely fair I probably shouldn’t have still had it in my closet. I met my friend for lunch and it took her all of three seconds to give me a weird look for my outfit because it was so out of character for me and noticeably too short. 

Day 4

Monday was my school day, and he decided he “probably should stop picking one-pieces, but they are so easy.” So he grabbed a pair of jeans I didn’t even know existed and a gray T-shirt. Again, my fault for having half of a drawer filled with jeans when I really only wear 3 pairs. They didn’t fit horribly, but I did have to roll them up into capris because they were a little too short.

Day 5

The fifth day I babysat all day, and he dressed me in some jean shorts and a plain t-shirt. This was actually perfect because it allowed me to move around and keep up with the one-year-old, who’s favorite activity is speed crawling to places she isn’t supposed to go. 

Day 6

For another school day, he grabbed some light-wash ripped jeans and a loose, plain coral tank. The fact that he pretty much throws his hand in the drawer and tries to find something that might match is definitely apparent, but honestly, I’m not complaining. Everything is pretty comfy and I feel like the lack of creativity at least keeps it so I’m not wearing anything insane. 

Day 7

Last day! He chose another pair of ripped jeans (my favorite pair that's broken in just right), and a long sleeve crop top. While his outfits are a lot simpler than I make them, they are super comfy and it takes me about 90% less time to get dressed in the morning (I blame my indecisiveness). Besides a rough start with the whole costume debacle, I’d count this little experiment as an overall success. I didn’t look (completely) insane, I was actually on time to everything since I wasn’t changing my clothes 20 million times, and there were no relationship ending arguments!

Images: 12, all others provided by author