I Dressed My Best Every Day for a Week & It Changed Everything

After watching Mimi Ikonn’s video titled "Why You Should Always Dress Your Best," I was completely inspired to try and put more effort into my outfits.

Since my days only consist of school and work, I tend to dress down and choose my comfy leggings over skinny jeans. Thankfully, athleisure is all the rage these days so I don’t feel bad about wearing a hoodie with my leggings.

Day 1: Girl Power

To commemorate the first day of this challenge (and the first Her Campus meeting of the semester), I decided to pair my GRL PWR t-shirt (back on sale now until 2/10!) with black jeans and Old-Skool Vans. I added a knit cardigan to keep me warm in this new-found Florida winter weather.

Day 2: Oversized Sweater and Boots

In true Pinterest fashion, I took advantage of the cold weather and wore an oversized sweater with leggings. Now, some may say that leggings are not dressing “up,” but I had a long day of studying, so that’s my excuse.

Day 3: Comfy but Make it Fashion

To be completely honest, I was sick of this challenge by the third day. I had to wake up early for my 8 a.m. work shift and to top it off, Florida was having an emotional breakdown where cold weather was the consequence.

So I just stood in my closet waiting for the fashion gods to send me a sign as to why I should dress up and *boom.* It hit me. It literally hit me—my black puffer jacket fell off its hanger and I knew exactly how to style it.

Day 4: It’s Finally Cold in Florida so I Can Wear All The Winter Clothes I Spent Way Too Much Money On

By this point, I was having so much fun expressing myself through my outfits! Putting extra thought into my outfit not only got me out of bed in the morning but instilled a level of confidence in me that allowed me to conquer the day (in style of course.)

Day 5: It’s Finally Cold in Florida so I Can Wear All The Winter Clothes I Spent Way Too Much Money On, Part 2

Friday comes along and I am feeling like a college fashionista! Today was the day filled with the most compliments. I was not super original as I wore the same boots and coat from the day before, but instead of wearing leggings I wore jeans and a turtleneck.

As a lover of fashion and style, I am shocked as to why I haven’t put extra effort into my everyday outfits. Whenever I have an event, I get all glammed up, but who says we can’t do the same every day? If you love fashion or even if you don’t, try this challenge for yourself and see how you feel after.

Images: All images provided by the author.