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I Copied Kim Kardashian’s Instagram for a Week

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

Not so popular opinion: I love Kim Kardashian.  Being a Kanye West fan all of my life, I grew to absolutely love Kim, the show Keeping up with the Kardashians, and most obviously her Instagram.  With 108 million followers, she has basically taken over Instagram as her platform and we’re all here living for it.  So, while pondering why my profile doesn’t look cohesive or as exciting as some of my peers, I realized I can’t just stare at Kim’s profile all day, I need to become Kim’s profile.  So take a look at my journey as I tried to copy some of Kim Kardashian’s Instagram photos for a week.  

Day One:

For the first day I picked a picture that very on brand for the Kardashians and that is a “Fit Tea” advertisement.  Due to this, my friends were very quick to guess who I was recreating a photograph of.  I got 119 likes which is about average for my profile, but does not even reach close to Kim’s 965,412.  Who even knows if Fit Tea Works, or if the Kardashians really drink it but it certainly tastes like someone dropped a spoonful of dirt into some hot water.  (It was also after this picture that I realized Kim Kardashian’s kitchen looks like no one even lives there.)

Day Two:

The next day I decided to do something more simple.  Kim posted a picture of these YEEZY Desert Rat 500’s that she has been seen wearing and I realized I can’t attempt to replicate this 100% especially if these have yet to be released and will probably cost me an arm and a leg.  But… I can replicate this same pose/same shoe brand with my own YEEZY Boost 350’s (which almost cost me an arm and a leg).  With a pretty simple picture I realized that people might think I’m just trying to show off my shoes, so I started to use a hashtag keeping track of what day it was so maybe others would notice. (Some people still don’t know what I was doing).

Day Three:

On the third day of Keeping up with Grace, I attempted to make a white T-shirt look like a towel on my head because nobody in my apartment owns a white towel and I’d say it looks pretty convincing.  I actually loved recreating this picture because it was super easy, and I just feel like it was probably the most accurate one I took this week.  Also who knew this would actually turn into a look?   Fun fact: I don’t even own a black tube top, and that is actually just a waist trainer wrapped around as a top.

Day Four:

Day four might have been my least favorite of the week.  I originally saved this super domestic picture because I loved the aesthetic and almost vintage feel to it, but when it came to recreating it I was stuck.  All of my roommates were out for the weekend, and I had no idea how a picture taken like this would be as nice without the cute pink kitchen in the back.  But I knew it had to be done so in the middle of the night between episodes of Grace and Frankie I propped my cell phone on 3 boxes of cereal, grabbed a cardigan and attempted…. but failed.  I guess only Kim can really pull off a picture of eating oatmeal and look like a model doing so.

Day Five:

When day five rolled around I was running out of ideas.  It’s pretty limited to copy her instagram when you don’t have Kanye West as a husband, three kids, and prefer not to post yourself in the nude.  But while scrolling through her saved pictures I realized I have a pretty similar set of thigh high boots.  These shoes are one of my favorites and I’ve yet to capture their adorableness on camera so now seemed like an appropriate time.  While I may have not had this taken by my own paparazzi, I did have my roommate with me giggling about how to place my legs and whether to use flash or not. This was not as easy as I had anticipated.  

Day Six:

Day six was a spur of the moment idea when I asked my roommate which picture to do next.  She reminded me of this oversized orange long sleeve I had that looked almost exactly like this one worn by Kim.  It was a beautifully sunny day outside, so this took about 5 seconds to throw on some heels, and take a picture in my apartment parking lot.  Easy.  I felt pretty proud of this picture too and received good feedback such as my fellow writer saying I looked like a celebrity in this.  Apart from the embarrassment that my neighbors would see my walk back and forth for pictures, I’d say I nailed this one.  

Day Seven:

The last day was here and I won’t even lie I was being sort of lazy with this one.  I had this image saved, but with no idea how to do it since I don’t own complete head-to-toe white.  Either way I just decided to stick with my outfit of the day and just use the same pose/setting.  Originally an advertisement for the LuMee case, the picture just looked crisp and casual, and I thought would be a nice way to end the week.  

Overall, this was actually more of a challenge than I imagined it would be.  I had trouble timing when to take pictures, how to take pictures, and realized it takes so much work to come off as effortlessly cool as Kim Kardashian’s posts are.  All work aside, this week has actually inspired me to keep a common theme, and to take more “different” photos because they just might turn out to be some of my best pictures.  Kim, you really are the queen of instagram, and I hope one day to have my feed be a fraction of how beautiful yours is.  

Kim’s pictures: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.  Header

Grace Burns is a 3rd year Senior at the University of Central Florida pursing her degree in Visual Art-Emerging Media Management.  When not home writing, going through photos of her dogs back home, or hanging out with her roommates, you can find her hitting the farmers market, or finding perfect spots to document for her Instagram. Grace one day hopes to use her studies in Emerging Media and her experience in writing with Her Campus to pursue a career in social networking related to branding or fashion journalism.  
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