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How You Can Help the Islands Affected by Dorian

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

Recent news has shown us the impact of Hurricane Dorian, not only on the Bahamas but other islands like Abaco. Though Florida was threatened, we were the lucky ones in the end when it missed us and turned up the coast. After weeks of preparation, between buying groceries and collecting supplies, ​everyone who was hurricane-ready now finds themselves with all these amazing resources sitting in the corner collecting dust! (Those cans of soup are the last thing you’re going to touch.)

Instead of waiting until it’s all gone bad and getting rid of it, donate it while it’s useful to someone else. The list of things the islands need ranges from canned and non-perishable items to supplies and equipment, due to the amount of the damage done by Hurricane Dorian. But having a close call doesn’t exclude us from helping our fellow people on this Earth, because if it were the other way around we would want someone to help us.

I’m a strong believer that karma and community go hand-in-hand with how we live our lives. We should not spend our lives ignoring the tragedies in our world. 

So, how can you help?

There’s an array of things that one can do without even leaving their home to volunteer. A great place to start is the internet. Facebook has great group events and pages dedicated to helping relieve some of the disaster. These events range from volunteering, sending donations to official aid organizations, helping collect supplies, and even hands-on rebuilding what was lost during the storm. Other social media outlets like Instagram and Twitter are also great ways to educate yourself on the impact Dorian had.

If you’re anything like me, you’re likely a broke college student with no money to give but still looking for a way to help out. If you’re able, you can donate to the Red Cross here—but, there is something priceless you can give. 

Your time. 

Many public places, foundations and government offices will have areas for you to donate your unneeded items! But, if you have the time and want to see the direct impact you’ll have on helping others, you should look into volunteering. It will leave you with a feeling of knowing you not only doing your part, but you’ll be able to see what goes into volunteering to help others.

All Hands and Hearts Smart ResponseSBP’s Abaco Outreach and Volunteer Florida are just three of the many organizations dedicated to helping the cause that you can donate to or volunteer for.  

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Kila Lambertt is a current junior at the university of Central Florida, is going into her second year of being a member of Her Campus Community. She has loved growing her writing through this website and hopes to continue in writing as well as Performing Arts. She is a BFA Major for the Acting Track at UCF.
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