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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Based on Your Love Language

It’s that time of year again where love is in the air, flowers are blooming and you have the perfect excuse to eat all the chocolate you want in one sitting without thinking twice. You guessed it, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. This Valentine’s Day, you may wonder how to celebrate the occasion and show those you cherish how you feel for them. Keeping in mind your friends’ and significant other’s love languages can help make the day magical. 

Everyone communicates their love differently, and this stems from our ideal love language. There are five love languages a person may use to express and feel love from their romantic partners and friendships. These five languages are Physical Touch, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, Quality Time, and Words of Affirmation. Although, over one of these languages may appeal to you, one that is vital for your happiness and pulls at your heartstrings. If you are unaware or curious about what your love language may be, take the Love Language Quiz.

This Valentine’s Day, choose to celebrate in a manner that makes you alongside your loved ones or significant other profoundly happy. Down below, you’ll find some ideal ways to show your affection for your loved ones based on their love language.

Physical touch

The Physical Touch love language relies on being near and feeling connected to your friends or significant other. People with this love language typically prefer feeling your love and care through actions rather than hearing it from your words alone. If your loved ones have this love language, consider organizing anything for Valentine’s Day that allows them to soak in being near you. This can be anything from doing a yoga or dance class together, a joint massage for relaxation or intimate actions as simple as cuddling or hugs.


Those in your life whose love language is the act of Gift Giving will feel most cherished by receiving a gift from you. Whether your Valentine’s Day will be spent with your significant other or you’ll be having a Galentine’s Day, they’ll feel most treasured by the thought and consideration it took for you to get them their ideal gift. This is a great manner to celebrate the occasion for your significant other, family or friends. Some ideas could be a splurge of something you know they’ve had their eye on for a while, something handmade they’d cherish, a small Advent calendar leading up to Valentine’s Day or the traditional flowers and chocolate. What will matter most to them is the effort you placed into them.

Acts of Service

When it comes to your loved ones or significant others whose love language is Acts of Service, the best way to make their Valentine’s Day special is by merely making an effort to help them. This could be as simple as helping your struggling friend with their household chores, treating them to dinner or a good old coupon book for those tough days. Taking over projects and tasks like these can help ease the burden on them and remind them just how much you appreciate your shared bond.

Quality time

If your loved one’s prominent value is quality time, an ideal Valentine’s Day would likely be spending the moment with them, whether that be your dearest friends, family or significant other. They would be deeply appreciative of time when they can feel that your full attention is on them. Some practical ways to spend the time with each other include organizing a trip to somewhere you guys have been wanting to enjoy, activities like a photo shoot, skating, painting or baking class, game or movie night. All of these activities are ones where you get to capture what’s most special on Valentine’s Day: cherishing and adoring those around you.


For those in your life who value Words of Affirmation more than any other love language, all they may need is loving words and appreciation from you to make their day worthwhile. You may consider writing letters to them or making a playlist of songs to remind them how much you cherish them and how meaningful the relationship is to you.

I hope this guide to celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day inspired some wonderful ideas to create your ideal experience this day. Whether it be a day of self-love or loving on your dearest ones, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Brianna is a sophomore at UCF studying English Literature. She is a writer and creative focused on creating content and publications that promote empowerment among college individuals. She's a lover of Disney, any form of art expression, & the oxford comma.
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