How to Show Yourself Love on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day doesn't only have to be about couples! Whether you find yourself in a relationship or not this time of year, the most important relationship we should be celebrating on this day is the one with ourselves. There are many things you can do to show yourself love on February 14, while also giving yourself time to have a Galentine's Day get together with your closest gal pals and still make it to that date you've been looking forward to at the end of the night.

1. Buy yourself coffee from your favorite place on campus 

Not a fan of this caffienated drink? No problem! Swap out the coffee for a smoothie and you'll be sure to start your Valentine's Day on a healthy and positive note.

2. Schedule a hair or nail appointment for later in the week

You can also schedule it for the same day, but it's much more exciting to have something to look forward to on the weekend! Who doesn't love walking into their Monday class looking like a new person?

3. Splurge on something you've wanted for a long time

Whether it's the AirPods you've been eyeing since Christmas or a pair of shoes you saw last week while window shopping, you deserve to treat yourself on Valentine's Day! No one knows the best gift for you better than yourself.

4. Post a selfie you really like on social media

Showing yourself love starts with having confidence in yourself! You don't have to spend money to feel good on Valentine's Day. Sometimes putting on a cute outfit and posing for a picture makes all the difference. 

5. Don't stress about school or life for the day

If you're like me, then it's super easy to get caught up in homework or stress instead of being in the moment sometimes. Try your hardest to spend the day relaxing and not worrying about something that's due weeks from now. You can't make memories today if you're worried about the future.

6. Go to sleep early

Treat your body right by getting a long, good night's rest. Watch your favorite feel-good movie or tv show, do a face mask and then turn in for the night. You'll thank yourself the next morning when your skill feels soft and your body feels refreshed from the best Valentine's Day ever.

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