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How To Rock Any Lipstick Color

“Wow, I wish I could pull off that color!” -Everyone, always.


I wear a lot of lipstick, and most of my collection consists of bold and dark colors. I’m known for rolling up to my 9 a.m. class with a messy bun and gray lips, and I almost always have a tube of burgundy liquid lipstick in my bag. As a result, my lipstick is often a conversation starter.


A lot of people make comments along the lines of, “that color is so cool, but I could never wear it”. Those people are wrong. Everyone can wear whatever color they want. Yes, even you can pull off bold lip colors! You!

Here’s how to pull off any lipstick:

  1. Go get yourself a kick a$$ lip color. My current favorite is NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick, and I plan on investing in a Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick when I finally pick a color (they’re all perfect).

  2. Approach a mirror.

  3. Put on your kick a$$ lip color.

  4. Go kick a$$.

People will criticize you, but their opinions don’t matter. Once, an administrator asked me how I expected to get a job if I wore purple lipstick. I simply responded, “I think my resume speaks for itself.” Boys tell me all the time that they find my lipstick intimidating, and I usually respond with appropriate sass. I don’t wear amethyst lipstick to make myself appealing to others.

My lipstick is a part of who I am and how I express myself. I wear it for myself because it’s fun. It’s that simple!

So what’s the key to pulling off any lip color? Confidence. That’s all you need to pull off any shade you want. Take risks. Have fun. Now go out there and rock whatever color your fabulous little heart desires!

Maddie is a senior Marketing major at UCF. When she's not writing for Her Campus or her personal blog, you can find her hanging out at Fashion Club or in OSI working on the Mr. and Miss UCF shows. Despite popular belief, Maddie isn't actually the tallest girl in the world. If you're wondering where you've seen her before, it was most likely at a #UCFBusiness event. Maddie enjoys loud pop music, scented candles, and any food with sprinkles on top. She often discusses the SNL cast as if it is a sports team, and likes to pretend that this is endearing. Follow Maddie on Instagram and Twitter! 
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