How to Dress Witchy—Even When It's 90 Degrees Outside

It’s finally officially spooky season (let’s be real, most of us have been celebrating since the end of August), which means it’s socially acceptable to wear Halloween-themed clothing. But we live in Orlando, one of the hottest places in continental America, and what’s a witch to do when everything seems to be high-necked, long-sleeved, and the blackest of blacks? Listen up, witches. It’s time to get haunted in spite of the heat.

  1. 1. Short Dresses, Short Sleeves

    Plenty of dresses are black without being ankle- and wrist-length. Try a shorter option with a built-in or detachable collar for that coveted Wednesday Addams look.

  2. 3. These Boots Were Made for Witching

    Okay, not just boots. A pair of platform shoes also look amazing with knee-high tights. If boots aren’t your style, try a pair of mary janes or oxfords. And of course, in black—but purple is also acceptable.

  3. 4. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

    What better way to show your style in the heat than with some spooky jewelry? Pro tip: craft stores like Jo-Ann and Michaels often have sales on their novelty jewelry. It’s where all my ghost and spider earrings come from. And don’t be discouraged by unconventional accessorizing—if something can be stabbed with a bobby pin, it can be a hair clip. Even a length of silky black ribbon can add some goth to a tame outfit.

  4. 5. It’s About the Bat-itude

    Finally, it matters how you act, too! You don’t have to have RBF to be a proper witch. True witches help and support each other, always.

...and most importantly, make sure everyone knows you love spooky season.

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