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How To Bathing Suit Shop

Maybe it’s just me, but does anyone else out there feel as if bathing suit shopping is the worst? I could shop for clothes, shoes, jewelry, and purses ALL day. I would never get tired of it, but every time I try to find a decent bikini I stop after two suits. Now, I’m all about finding confidence in your body, regardless of what size, but let’s face it: That’s a long journey and we’re not all lucky enough to be there yet. Until then, I wanted to share some tips for finding that perfect suit without spiraling into a deep self-loathing.

1. Prep for your shopping. If you dread shopping for bathing suits as much as I do, then be at your best when you shop to prevent that. Don’t go on a day that you’re feeling bloated or just had a huge meal at Steak N’ Shake, because that just increases the chances of your confidence being shaky. Instead, work out that day or the night before, go a few hours after a meal, do your makeup, and make your hair look decent. It may seem a little silly, but I promise it makes the experience 20 times better.

2. Only shop for suits. Whenever I try to mix shopping for clothes and suits, I always start to doubt myself. If you’re like me and tend to buy loose tops and high waist shorts that both do wonders to your figure, it can be frustrating to see that and then yourself in a suit. So just focus on suits one day, so the switch isn’t dramatic.

3. Focus on what you know works. It’s definitely good to try on new styles (such as my current favorite: the fringed suit), but just make sure it’s as comfortable as your go-to bathing suits are. And if you try a style on, and it doesn’t work…don’t force it. Just move on, so you don’t get discouraged. It’s important to feel good in your bathing suit, so don’t buy anything that’d make you fidget or even feel a tiny bit awkward.

4. Buy suits online. I know finding a suit in the store is usually more convenient because you get the opportunity to try it on, but it also gives you the opportunity to see yourself in the highest wattage possible, which is entirely painful. If I owned a store, I’d make the dressing rooms appear to be lit by candles, because that would be much more comfortable. So order online, and try it on in the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to feel rushed, and I’m sure the lighting in your room is much better. 

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