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Hips Don’t Lie: Finding Beauty in All Sizes


The human body is a fascinating thing. Although I’m not particularly religious myself, I can see why some like to use the magic of our bodies as proof of God’s existence. The way that a cell becomes tissue, which become organs,  which is all surrounded by the muscles, bones, and skin that protect us all is all quite miraculous. That being said, I think half of the beauty of the human body is that no two are the same. Differences in hair color, eye color, height, weight: it’s what makes us unique. Knowing how to dress for your body type is one of the most important things a Stylish Collegiette can learn. Wearing a dress that flatters your body from Forever 21 can look more extravagant than an ill-fitting Chanel gown. This week’s column is about the hour-glass girls that embrace their body and dress in a way that makes them feel sexy, powerful, and full of confidence.

Confidence and sex appeal are not limited to just one body type. From the tight and toned body of model Cara Delavigne to the full-figure body of chart-slammer Adele, beauty comes full circle. My best friend, Theresa Stein, embodies being a curvacious sex bomb, and I love it. Always dressing to emphasize her tiny waist and showing off her curves, she is the perfect Stylish Collegiette to feature this week. Of the years we have been friends, I have rarely seen her out of a pair of her signature sky-high heels and a gorgeous dress. Today, she wore a coral chiffon-sleeved dress with circular cutouts paired with a wide brown woven belt to accentuate her waist.  For her heels, she wore teal platforms with triangle cut-outs. Her outfit is a perfect display of color blocking with bright spring colors, when they are sometimes too abrasive to combine. A spring look this effortless is easy to put together, all you need is a knock-out dress and some statement heels that will have your head in the clouds and will keep the compliments flowing.

Body image is a difficult thing for many people to talk about. This week’s column is about loving your body, no matter your size or shape. Theresa is an inspiration to all girls in knowing how sexy you look at all times and never doubting yourself. Whether you have a body like Cara Delavigne or Adele, if you know what you’re wearing makes you look like a million bucks, you will shine. If you don’t feel like that yet, I challenge you to go out and find that dress that makes you feel like you are the hottest girl on campus. Nothing is as on point as someone finally realizing the sexy, confident, Stylish Collegiette they feel like on the inside is the same girl that they see in the mirror. 

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