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Here’s Why You Need To Go Camping For Your Next Vacation

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Are you itching to get out of town and temporarily live it up with friends somewhere new? Ready to skip class, call out of work, and ditch daily life for a relaxing — or exciting — few days? Adventure may be calling, but odds are that, with the holiday season quickly approaching, your wallet is saying, “no.” Whatever your limitations, a camping trip is a perfect choice for your next vacation. Don’t believe me? Here are four reasons you need to go camping for your next vacation.

There Are So Many Different Ways To Camp

Despite what you may have in mind, there’s something everyone can enjoy about camping. There are generally a handful of ways people camp from dry camping to cabin renting. Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect from various types of camping.

Tent Camping

You can either dry-tent-camp, which is when you aren’t hooked up to water or power — and sometimes not even on a designated campsite. Or you can tent camp on a site that allows you to hook into electricity for your string lights, phone charger, hairdryer, or anything else electric you want to use. Tent camping is the most cost-effective way to camp and is certainly the most authentic. There’s a lot of freedom to customize just how off-the-grid you want to be when you tent camp too.

Pop-Up Camping

Pop-ups are small pull-behind sleepers that have soft tops that fold down while you’re driving. They are typically a more affordable option than other pull-behinds because they’re so small, but that same reason can make them a poor choice when there are a lot of people camping at once. 

Camper, Fifth-Wheel, and Toy Hauler Camping

Campers, fifth-wheels, and toy haulers are all (generally) big units that you pull behind a truck or large car. Campers are usually the most popular of the bunch, but if you have a particularly big truck to pull them, a fifth-wheel or toy hauler could work for you. Toy haulers are specifically meant to allow you to haul motorcycles, four-wheelers, etc. along with a living space. 

RV Camping

RVs are the biggest and most expensive camping option of the bunch. You drive an RV yourself and can sometimes tow a car behind the RV. They are generally very spacious and contain everything you might need on your vacation — provided you have water, sewer, and electric hookups. Many places will rent RVs — or any of the other types of units — out to you. Just be sure you’re comfortable driving something so large!

Cabin Camping

Many campsites have cabins, yurts, or even tiny homes for rent that can be a great option when you have a large group of people camping with you. The cost can be split multiple ways to make them not only a comfortable and convenient option for your camping trip but an affordable one too.

Camping Can Be Easy On Your Wallet

Depending on which type of camping you decide to do, it can be a really cost-effective way to vacation. I recommend either tent camping or renting a cabin, as those are the most straightforward and likely least expensive ways to camp. Whether you’re vacationing with one other person or eight other people, tent camping can accommodate a lot of people on one site. Cabin camping may be a bit more expensive than tent camping, but if you have a large group of friends you’re going with you can split the cost multiple ways and make it affordable for everyone.

Nature Is Healing For Your Soul

Another reason to go camping for your next vacation is simple: nature is healing for your mind, body, and soul. Have you been feeling overwhelmed and anxious lately? Time in nature could be just what you need. While camping, you can not only enjoy time around the fire at your campsite but you can also go hiking, kayaking, birdwatching, boating, and more depending on where you decide to camp. There is also something so rewarding and satisfying about enjoying your local flora and fauna and learning about the history of the land you live on. Many campgrounds offer guided hikes at their main ranger station, so that’s definitely worth asking about when you check in!

Being Unplugged Can Help You Connect With Others (Or Yourself)

While many campgrounds do have cell service — although spotty — that can be used in case of emergency, there is something so freeing about being unplugged for a few days while you enjoy Mother Nature. How often are you and your friends truly focused on each other when you hang out without the distraction of phones or the TV? Camping can be the perfect excuse to step away from life’s stressors that come with being available 100% of the time and instead focus on the moment you’re in. Try bringing card and board games to play at your campsite, or arrange a nature scavenger hunt: the first person to find a white bird, a half-eaten leaf, and a dandelion wins! And don’t forget about all the quintessential camping foods you can make like roasted hotdogs or tofu dogs, burgers, and of course, s’mores.

Whatever the reason and however you want to do it, camping can be such a fun vacation for you and your friends. You should definitely plan to go camping for your next vacation and fill your soul with the beauty, adventure, and relaxation of nature.

Emily is a graduate student at UCF earning her MFA in poetry. She has lived in Orlando, Florida for the past 3 years with her partner and cat. When not writing or editing, she can be found playing the Sims and eating frozen pizza.