Her Stars: What is the Best App for Astrology?

Welcome to Her Stars, the weekly column that answers all of your questions about astrology, romance and general advice! This week, we will be going over what to expect this Virgo season, the best app or website to research your birth chart, and why Pisces are seen as crybabies. To be featured next week, be sure to submit your questions here!

  1. 1. Why are Pisces always seen as emotional? - Stephanie

    Pisces is both a water and a mutable sign. This means that not only do Pisces feel a lot, but they are also often unable to process it. Pisces tend to go with the flow and allow others to dictate the atmosphere. However, the truth here is that Pisces are emotional.

    This can come across in a lot of different ways. Sometimes, if a Pisces has not learned to process their emotions, they may burst sporadically into tears due to the overload of feelings. Other times, if a Pisces has been told not to feel or given negative responses towards expressing emotions, they will almost become a cold robot and pretend they don't feel.

    Pisces is a very intuitive sign, although this is not to say other signs aren't. They are in touch with not only their emotions but the emotions of others. This doesn't necessarily mean that they know how to comfort you if you're sad, but rather that they tend to absorb emotions around them. If people around them are anxious or hiding something, they may be able to feel that.

    Beyond that, Pisces often have a childhood history of having their emotions unvalidated. This does not apply to all Pisces, but some. Due to this, Pisces who have not learned to process their emotions and understand their inner workings often have emotional outbursts. They are crybabies—but they are crybabies for a reason. Once they have learned to process their emotions and separate themselves from others, they are very good listeners and empathizers. They have a strong capability to understand how others can feel. They just need to figure out how to not only feel emotions, but to understand emotions.

  2. 2. Is there an astrology app that is most reliable? - Anon

    There are a lot of different astrology apps out there. A very popular one is Co – Star. I think that it's a really good beginner app and it looks very aesthetically pleasing. However, a lot of professional astrologists have said that it uses generic and stereotypical material, which means it's not the greatest app out there. I suggest following Twitter accounts with astrology history and notoriety, showing their experience.

    If Twitter isn't your thing, I suggest researching the best astrology books and delving deep into them. There's a lot of really good written material that can help your understanding better than some of these basic apps. However, I do understand wanting to use an app for convenience and ease. My current app that I like to use is Pattern. Pattern is a really good way to use astrology to gain a better understanding of yourself. It has a really cool feature where it can predict how you may be feeling during certain times, meaning it's a little more personal. You can even use it to do compatibility with other people and you. I mostly like it for the way they write their material and create it. It makes me feel like I didn't get what every other Aries rising got for their horoscope. It's also phrased in a way that helps you analyze yourself and utilize that information to grow.

    I know that there are some apps that give little phrases to the signs for each day. However, I feel that a lot of these prediction and daily motivation apps aren't authentic or legit. With Pattern, it has always been able to predict how I have felt each day and I've tested it by waiting until the end of the day. So it's a little spooky, if I do say so myself.

  3. 3. What can I expect during Virgo season? Is there anything I should do or avoid? - Anon

    Virgo season is here! It arrived a few days ago and has already taken an effect. Leo season just passed and many of us were feeling ourselves. With Virgo season here, now is the time to put yourself to work. Go apply for that job you've been wanting, start that hobby that you want, and organize your time and life in a manner that serves you.

    Many of us will be facing the opportunity to focus on balance. We will be able to analyze our thought processes and re-balance ourselves. Virgos have an innate mother figure within themselves. This season will be a good time to give ourselves a reality check and cut out habits or people that no longer serve us. Virgos also have a tendency to overthink and self-sabotage. Let this time be a time to love yourself and be gentle with yourself. This Virgo season is one of the best times to love yourself for you are and accept yourself wholly!

Virgo season is here and you are 100% that b!tch! As always, tune in next week to see what the universe has in store for us. If you have a question, please submit it here!

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