Her Stars: Mercury Retrograde or Mercury Gatorade?

Welcome to Her Stars, the weekly column that answers all of your questions about astrology, romance, and general advice! This week we'll be covering the general consensus on Geminis, what to do after you've looked up your birth chart, and the effect of Mercury Retrograde on us. To be featured next week, submit your questions here!

  1. 1. I discovered my birth chart, now what? - Anon

    So you dipped your toes into astrology and you're kinda wondering where to go from here. Personally, when I started astrology, I followed a lot of popular and supported astrologists on Twitter. Twitter is a great way to digest information since you can scroll and read a quick blurb then go on with your day. Some of my recommended Twitter astrologists are @starlitstudy, @MysticxLipstick, and @MysticHealing_.These are all great astrologists who have been supported by the community and have been doing astrology long enough to understand the different aspects.

    Following meme accounts is fun too, and a good way to dip your toes further. I personally love @bennydrama7's Instagram videos. Astrology is a giant and vast subject. Initially, it can be overwhelming, so I recommend lightly using Twitter and Instagram to slowly learn more and have fun with it. If you do want to dive even deeper, I would suggest trying some books. I find books to be a little difficult due to the amount of information overload, but it's a great way to get some references and foundation. In any case, be sure to send questions to me if you want to learn more!

  2. 2. Why do people hate Geminis so much? They're really not bad. - A Libra

    Geminis are actually some of the most popular people. Geminis tend to have a big personality, which is not a bad thing. However, due to this they often can rub people the wrong way. For example, Kanye West is a Gemini. He is well-known, great at branding, and very astoundingly himself. While he can be funny and charismatic, he can also be somewhat of a jerk.

    A lot of it has to do with Geminis being ever-changing. Geminis are about flexibility and exploring the different aspects of themselves in different manners. They often put their ambitions and feelings above others. This can rub other people who have different personalities wrong, but just because it rubs people wrong does not mean they're the "worst" sign. Geminis are the twins of the zodiac. They have a duality that most people do not, and due to this, they are misunderstood.

    At the same time, a lot of people are very attracted to Geminis due to their outgoing nature and charisma. Personally, I get along with most Geminis but can see how they rub people wrong and how they can be misunderstood.

  3. 3. I heard that Mercury Retrograde is here, what does that actually mean? - Anon

    Finally, the oh-so-feared Mercury Retrograde. So you're right, Mercury Retrograde is here and it does have an effect on us. However, Mercury Retrograde should not be feared or used an excuse to be messy. Let's dive into some background.

    So, any planet can go into retrograde. Retrograde is when the planet appears to be moving backwords. Often, retrogrades are reality checks and may cause tensions to be high. Currently, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are in retrograde. The outer planets definitely have an effect on you, but it's not as apparent as the inner planets. For example, a Pluto Retrograde may directly affect the way you keep your secrets and view yourself, while Mercury is the symbol for communication, thinking and expression. Therefore, Mercury Retrograde may directy affect the way you communicate with others. Retrogrades are not to be feared as they literally happen all the time and are completely normal. If anything, they're opportunities for change.

    Now, let's get into this year's Mercury Retrograde. Mercury Retrograde will directly affect the way we communicate and display ourselves to others. This is a time for high tensions as a lot of people will have self-realizations and have a difficult time processing it. Due to this, a lot of people will feel backed up and unsure of how to properly express themselves.

    Please take this time to not let Mercury Retrograde fill your every thought and worry. Rather, use this astronomical event to revisit things and see if there is room for growth. Are you communicating properly without feeling entitiled or defensive? Are you taking the time to understand your thoughts throughly before comunicating? Do you often have difficulty with communication? Mercury will affect those with Leo, Cancer, Gemini and Virgo placements more noticeably this Mercury Retrograde. This is due to the current posistion Mercury is in and what it rules over. Honestly, good luck as this Mercury Retrograde will last until August 15! Please take the time to think before you say or do. Be sure to get good rest each night, eat well and avoid overloading yourself with activities.

Take care of yourselves during this Mercury Retrograde, and stop by next week to check on the status of the universe. If you have a question, be sure submit it here or you can DM @_catherinele_ on Instagram.

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