Her Stars: Do Solar Eclipses Affect Us?

Welcome to this week's installment of Her Stars, the weekly column that answers all of your questions about astrology, romance, and general advice! This week we'll be covering the effect of solar eclipses, why Cancers are cry babies, and how to keep a Leo by your side forever. As always, if you have a question please submit it here!

  1. 1. How do I convince this boy who's a Leo to be with me forever? - Anon

    Well, I'm all for true love and getting the bag. Just make sure he loves you for who you are and make sure you aren't putting on a façade just to get him. Here's how to bag a Leo, though. Leos are big lovers and believe in their "one true love." A lot of it comes from them idealizing people and creating a fantasy world for them and their idealization to exist in. This is not for all Leos. So, depending on if the Leo is already enamored, with you, here's what you should do:

    If a Leo is already into you, you should continue to play into their fantasy and kind of play it up. It would definitely ensure that they get with you, however there will be a lot of communication problems and victimization from the Leo later on when reality finally checks in and shatters their fantasy of you. I will say that they will be a good lover and try to cater to you and do this fairytale romance, which is always really nice from a partner.

    If they're not already into you, I suggest starting things slow and getting to know the Leo and what they're looking for, then playing into that. If you become what they're looking for, they will think you're their "one true love." However, what they're looking for may not be what they need or what they're compatible with, just a missing piece to their world that they have created for themselves.  Leos feel very deeply about the people around them and have a lot of passion for things that they are interested in. They're feisty and amazing conversationalists, but they can be too bold and a bit in their own world. Good luck, girl!

  2. 2. I heard there was a solar eclipse happening this week, does it mean anything? - Anon

    The definition of an eclipse is an astronomical event when an astronomical object is obscured. Eclipses happen multiple times a year, we are just not always aware of it as their impact differs depending on person and eclipse. There was a solar eclipse on July 2 in Cancer. Solar eclipses are when the sun and moon conjunct, or oppose, each other in astrology. This is also true for astronomy. Those with a lot of Cancer placements, i.e Cancer in Mercury or Cancer in Moon, will be affected by this solar eclipse.

    The solar eclipse will affect everyone differently as everyone is different. This is also backed up by birth charts, as everyone has different birth charts with unique aspects, such as degrees and retrogrades. You shouldn't feel afraid of the impact of a solar eclipse, but aware of it. Solar eclipses are to highlight parts of our journey in life. They often are an encouragement or marker to move on to the next step or chapter of your life. This may translate to you finally breaking up with that no good boyfriend or sending in a job application to a dream job. I recommend you take time to self reflect and see if there is anything in your life that is not in line. Good activities include baths with candles, meditation in a peaceful place, or visiting your comfort place.

  3. 3. Why are Cancers such cry babies? - Ashley R.

    This question made me giggle a little. Cancers often come off as cry babies to a lot of people. Cancers are very emotional, however, they do not always know how to process their feelings. It's like a cup filled with water. If you continuosly fill a cup with water without slowly drinking from it or pouring it out, it's going to overflow. This is the analagy for a Cancer. Crying is very theraputic for a lot of people, Cancers in paticular. This is not for all Cancers, but a lot of Cancers. For them, crying is a way to cleanse themselves of their feelings and give their feelings an outlet of expression. Yes, Cancers are cry babies, but they're deeply emotional people who have big hearts.

Take care of yourselves this week and do peaceful, thought-provoking activities. As always, tune in to next week to how the universe will continue to test us. If you have a question, be sure submit it here or you can DM @_catherinele_ on Instagram.

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