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Her Music Saturday: Sabrina Carpenter, Justin Bieber & Sam Smith

Justin Bieber just dropped a new album and Sam Smith brought back his old tune. Here’s some new music you need to hear!

“Honeymoon Fades” – Sabrina Carpenter

This former Disney child star is now one of my favorite singers. Her voice is actually amazing and it’s perfect for this song. The song is about still being as in love and as happy after the honeymoon part of the relationship fades.

“Forever” – Justin Bieber (feat. Post Malone & Clever)

Justin killed it with this collab! All three of these voices mesh amazingly together. Clever has just recently been up in the charts and he’s really good, so be sure to check him out! It’s a slow song but the beat keeps it nice. 

“To Die For” – Sam Smith

Sam Smith has done it again. This love song is melancholy. He gives us his view of love. He wants to find someone to give all of your heart to.

“Second Emotion” – Justin Bieber & Travis Scott

This song is very upbeat and another masterpiece given to us by Justin Bieber; it’s is such a vibe. Justin and Travis talk about how amazed they are at a crush’s beauty. Travis Scott is a plus on this song. He complements it perfectly. 

“Ignorantes” – Bad Bunny & Sech

This is the collaboration we never knew we needed. The song starts off slow but when the beat drops, the song comes together. Sech’s soft voice goes perfectly with Bad Bunny’s deep one. This song is 100% my favorite one of this week. It is a love song with emotions people of this generation might feel. 

“Oh My God” – Alec Benjamin

Alec Benjamin has a really nice voice; it’s sweet and delicate. This song shows that off perfectly. This song is about him feeling helpless and lost, and barely recognizable to himself. It’s a song we can all use sometimes.

“Reminds Me” – Kim Petras

Kim Petras is the CEO of f*ck love, more like f*ck Valentine’s. This song is about an ex-lover who she can’t get out of her head. EVERYTHING reminds her of him. This song is perfect to just sing out loud out of spite. The message of the song: love sucks.

This is this week’s new music. Tune in next week for some new hits!

Maitane is a junior who is majoring in Journalism and double minoring in Political Science/Pre-Law and Sports Business Management. She enjoys watching How I Met Your Mother reruns, finding new music, and going to concerts with her friends. She's a bit of a shopaholic due to her love for fashion. When she's not in class she's either writing her book or watching soccer matches.
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