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Halloween Date Ideas For Long Distance Relationships

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As someone who is currently going through their third year of a long-distance relationship, being apart on the holidays can feel incredibly lame. Seeing people post pictures of cute pumpkin patch dates or spooky movie nights sparks a little bit of jealousy in my heart as someone who can’t see their partner nearly as often. Fear not, there are plenty of ways to still enjoy this Halloween with your partner, even if it is from a distance. Making an effort to still have plans is a way to make the distance feel way more bearable and make your time together feel special!

Bake Fall-themed desserts together

I absolutely love to bake, so what better way to enjoy each other’s company than baking together? Decide on a recipe, like these delicious pumpkin pancakes or pumpkin cream cheese danishes, and follow along with the recipes while you call on FaceTime. If you want to switch it up, you can each make different recipes and then take turns reviewing what you made.

Watch spooky movies on call

While it may seem like an obvious date idea, it felt worthy of mentioning. Watching TV together is easy with extensions like Teleparty, which lets you watch together on Netflix, Hulu, Max and more, or similar functions on streaming platforms like Prime Video Watch Party or Hulu Watch Party. There’s something so fun about watching Halloween movies together, so why miss out just because you’re apart? Bonus points if you get matching pajama pants to wear while you watch!

Mail Each other spooky Baskets

Just because you can’t see each other in person doesn’t mean you can’t still indulge in this fun activity! Grab your partner’s favorite candy, a festive blanket, some fuzzy socks or whatever else you want to throw in the mix and mail it to them. If mailing the items together is too much of a hassle, you can mail the individual pieces. You can opt to open them together on call to see each other’s reactions to the gifts or to assemble them if you mail the components separately!

carve pumpkins together

Pumpkin carving dates are an easy idea for couples who can’t be together in person. All you need is a pumpkin, a Sharpie, and some tools to carve with. Then you can video call your partner, play some fall jazz in the background while you both design away, and craft something unique!

Rate Halloween costumes

A simple but interesting virtual date could be rating different Halloween costumes! All you need to do is call your partner while one of you shares your screen and browse social media to see the latest Halloween costumes. You can also use this time to plan out what costume you two would wear on Halloween!

Play scary video games together

As a girlie who loves to play video games, playing scary video games together during the spooky season can be a fun way to bond if you and your partner are both into gaming! My current favorite multiplayer spooky games are Phasmophobia, FOREWARNED, Masks of Deception, and Sons Of The Forest. With thousands of games out there, there is something for everyone’s interests.

Long-distance relationships are no easy feats, but they don’t have to be boring! Spice up your Halloween festivities with these ideas to stay connected to your partner.

Kendall Finley is a senior at the University of Central Florida studying advertising and public relations. Kendall is currently interning at Toho Water Authority on the Communications Team. Kendall was a member of the Marching Knights for the '21 and '22 seasons and has also served on the Campus Activities Board for UCF. In her free time, Kendall is an avid plant mom and enjoys playing games with her friends.