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Halloween in College: As Told by Gossip Girl

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

As a kid, Halloween was definitely up there with my all-time favorite holidays. You get to dress up as whatever you want, eat an endless supply of free candy, and watch movies like Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown all month, what could be better? Well, as an adult, these luxuries just don’t come as easy. The majority of costumes are just lingerie, if you go trick-or-treating at the age of 21 you’re overloaded with judgement, and who even has the time to watch movies any more? Now I’m not saying Halloween is a total bust, but it is no where near as enticing as it was when we were younger. So, here’s what Halloween is like after the age where you’re no longer allowed to trick-or-treat without getting a million weird looks, as told by none other, the cast of Gossip Girl. 


When you’re trying to eat healthy but it feels like Halloween candy is following you wherever you go.

When all of your friends tell you that your outfit isn’t promiscuous enough and that you’ll most likely see your crush out.

But honestly, do you really want your future boss seeing Facebook photos of you sprawled out on the bathroom floor dressed as a sexy lady bug?

When the realization hits you that you won’t be ending the night by sorting through a pillow case filled with candy.

And instead you’re ending your night attempting to pull your fish nets off.

You have to spend all of this time to putting together four different costumes for the week leading up to Halloween.

But finally you and your girls step out in a group costume and you strut into the party.

So, naturally, you’re all, “Where’s the hunch punch?!”

And you start looking around at all of the matching couple’s costumes.

Or, if you show up as Lana Del Rey and realize that 47 other girls also had the same idea this year.

And the absolute worst: when no one knows what you’re dressed up as.

You could always pull the whole “too cool” thing and just skip a costume all together.

Sometimes, staying in on Halloween is just the safest choice.

Because let’s be honest, Halloween is truly never as good as it was when we were 7 years old, running from house to house collecting as much candy as we could, just to trade it with the other neighborhood kids at the end of the night.







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