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Guide to UCF Finals Week

With finals week fast approaching, it is important to know all the events UCF is putting on and the resources our school gives us so you can use them to your advantage.

First of all, make sure you check the exam schedule for the date and time your exams are at because many are not the same as your class usually is.

There really are a lot of places for you to study around campus, including the library, the Reflection Pond, All Knight Study and the Student Union, which will also be open for 24 hours during finals week. The “Study Union” has a lot of activities planned, including giveaways and even a Rest & Relaxation room for taking a break in between studying. Probably the most popular features of the Study Union are the Midnight Meals. Every night at…you guessed it…midnight they will be giving away free food from the following places:

4/22: Subway & Smoothie King

4/23: Huey Magoo’s

4/24: Wackadoo’s

4/25: Domino’s

4/28: Chick-Fil-A

On a more academic note, they are hosting multiple review sessions for a variety of classes.

To learn more about this and other Study Union activities, check out their website.

Good luck, and remember, summer’s right around the corner!

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