A Guide on How to Survive Tailgate Season While Looking Fabulous

Tailgate season brings friendship, food, fun and football. Whether you’re attending school in Wisconsin, Florida, Oregon or Georgia we all have one thing in common and that is that we all hopefully love to support our school.  Showing up to football games, ready for a win form our favorite team, fresh off the high of socializing with our peers, it feels like the world is our oyster. Some would argue that tailgating is even more rewarding than the game itself and the opportunity to grub on some tasty food, play a game of corn hole and see your best friends is, at its least, the highlight of the week.


No matter how you choose to celebrate your team’s ascent into glory, tailgating of all kinds can also, unfortunately, bring potential disaster. The weather can take a turn for the worst, you may accidentally ruin your favorite outfit or it’s just too hot outside to even move, but don’t let these instances get you down and stop you from making an appearance. In at least a few ways, this guide should be able to help lighten the load of an embarrassing, annoying or unfortunate circumstance that could crop up. Tailgate season is here and no food stain, rain shower or lost game can stop you from showing up, dressed and ready to support your home team.


Here are a few ways to make your tailgate experience that much more fashionable and enjoyable, regardless of the situations you may find yourself in…


1.“OMG It’s Raining!”

 Everyone has experienced that horrible moment of being dressed and ready to go but stepping outside and seeing the downpour of rain that will ruin our favorite outfit, our makeup, our hair and probably our mood. Don’t fret because an outfit like this one will give you the positive attitude boost you need. Wearing something with a hoodie and combining it with some Converse or Vans high-tops will give you a casual and cute look, all while making sure you are comfortable. A tank and some jean shorts are also simple, yet game day must-haves.



2.“Crap! I Spilled Something on My Outfit”

The dreaded feeling of having a perfectly cute shirt on and spilling ketchup, mustard, relish and everything else in the world on it. Don’t fear or freak out, because reversible shirts will be your savior. This featured one can be found at Saks Fifth Avenue and other tops that offer the option of two sides can be found at stores such as Forever 21 and Dillards.



3.“It’s so Hot, I Don’t Want to Go Anywhere/It’s Too Cold, I Hate My Life”


Football season means being outside and being outside means exposure to the sun and/or cold. Especially for those of us who live in places with extreme heat and cold, even just going outside takes some effort. If you’re dealing with the possibility of too much sweat, potential chaffing and sticky armpits, go with a romper or two-piece outfit that offers room for your body to breathe and cool off. If it’s the cold that you’re worried about, try pairing a stylish parka with some jeans and a beanie that adds a pop of color.



4.“I’m on My Period, What Do I Do?”

Being on your period sucks… especially when you’ve already made plans, but suddenly don’t want to follow through because your outfit is too uncomfortable or you know you’ll want to go home and throw some sweats on an hour later. If you still have the desire to see your friends and your favorite team, there is a way to do so. Get yourself a pair of jeggings that let you stretch out (and pig out) all you want to without having to deal with tight buttons and zippers. Wearing a cute flowing tank and pairing them with some accessories can do wonders.


5.“I Have Nothing to Wear, I Don’t Have the Money to Buy a New Outfit”

If you truly have nothing to wear on game day, there are still options to choose from that won’t break the bank. Instead of looking for a top and bottom, go with a romper that can serve as both. All of the options shown are under $40 and hitting up a store like Charlotte Russe or Forever 21 can provide you with even cheaper options that will give you something to wear when you’re dealing with that same “I don’t have anything to wear, so I’m not going” feeling.



If you’ve ever been in any of these situations, you know that they can be inconvenient and even time-consuming. To avoid some of the stress, take these steps to prepare yourself for tailgate season and all that it has to offer.