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Gracie Abrams Releases Her New Album ‘Good Riddance’

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

With her recent explosion in popularity on TikTok, Spotify, and many other music and social platforms, Gracie Abrams is on the rise to the top. Her sad, melancholy, emotional tone has caught all the sad girlies’ attentions, and we’ve all ran to add her new album to our crying playlists. 

On Oct. 7 2022, Gracie dropped her first single off the new album, which was entitled “Difficult. With over 13 million plays, she set us all up for her upcoming album Good Riddance. Following subtle themes of depression, heartbreak, friendship, and hope, listeners are introduced to a very vulnerable version of Gracie as we quietly sob in our own bedrooms. 

On January 9th, Gracie officially announced the release date for her album, along with the date of her next single, “Where do we go now?”. She announced tour dates the next day, which sold out only four days later. 

Gracie hinted at all the track titles before her album release, and left us many easter-eggs along the way on multiple social media platforms:


  1. On her merch page, she italicized the word “Best”
  2. She changed a button on her website to say “I know it won’t work”
  3. On her Tumblr, she published a picture with the words “Full Machine”
  4. On January 13th, she released the next single of the album, entitled “Where do we go now?”
  5. On Twitter, she tweeted “I should hate you” 
  6. On her mailing website, she changed the title to “Will you cry?”
  7. When releasing her video for “Where do we go now?,” she capitalized some words in the video’s descriptions spelling out “Amelie” (Swifites, if you know, you know) 
  8. She temporarily pinned her post about her song “Difficult” to her Instagram
  9. Another Tumblr post stated “This is what the drugs are for”
  10. On her Discord, she posted a picture with the words “Fault line” 
  11. She also changed the banner on her Discord to say “The blue” 
  12. And finally, she tweeted a picture of the words “Right now” 

Since Taylor Swift is known for her various easter-eggs in her music videos and social media, it’s no surprise that Gracie also happens to be opening for Taylor on her upcoming Eras Tour, starting this month! 

On Feb. 24 2023, Gracie officially released Good Riddance on all streaming platforms. Since then, it has garnered over 40 million streams. 

Aaron Dessner, the main producer for her new album, worked alongside Gracie throughout the whole process. Aaron had also worked very closely with Taylor Swift, especially on her albums Folklore and Evermore.

Topping at number five on the Billboard charts, Gracie’s album was one that was long awaited and very much welcomed by sad peeps wanting a good cry. 

Stream Good Riddance on any streaming platform, out now!

Julia Zanatta is a senior at University of Central Florida. This is her third year writing for Her Campus, and she is so grateful to be a part of the team. She is majoring in English, Creative Writing track. In her free time, she likes to read, journal, paint, and listen to music.