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Gold Medal-Worthy Looks

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The 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China is recognizing all of the remarkable athletes for all of their hard work. However, the styles they’ve been serving deserve some medals too! For countless years, well-known designers have been dying to get their looks on the athletes. After all, the entire world will be seeing their clothing and it’s great opportunity to have.

Ralph Lauren has been designing the opening ceremony outfits for Team USA since 2008. So it came as no surprise that he did it again this year. Lauren did not let us down though, he took a more casual approach this year with his designs, but didn’t lack with style. He designed a patriotic collection, but still kept it on beat with today’s trends. The American athletes can be seen wearing warm windbreakers that feature a variety of patchwork, patterns, and style variations. They also wore warm knit turtlenecks, a variety of lighter jackets to build layers, as well as accessories.

The most surprising brand to design for Team USA was Kim Kardashian’s Skims. Kardashian was able to create beautiful loungewear for them. While Skims clothing isn’t really supposed to be seen during the Olympics, athletes were quick to take to social media to share what they received from the brand. They can be seen sporting an array of patriotic leggings, bralettes, cropped tees and shorts. It’s perfect for athletes to wear during their downtime.

Team Canada really won the gold medal with Lululemon having the job of creating all their clothing for them. They wore a monochromatic red ensemble for the opening ceremony that featured the fan favorite puffer scarf. Along with ceremony outfits, they also designed their loungewear and accessories. Canada’s athletes can relax while wearing some of Lululemon’s most popular pieces but custom made to show their Canadian pride.

Feeling comfortable in one’s skin is very important, and when it comes to the world’s best athletes showing their skills its vital to feel that way. This years designers really showed how they can create to such a high standard and exceed it! The closing ceremony was February 20th, and it was the last day for the designers to unveil their looks and they certainly did serve us some gold medal worthy looks!

Emily is a junior at the University of Central Florida and is working hard towards a degree in journalism with a minor in women and gender studies. She loves to write, explore new opportunities, and share her writing with the community! During her free time she is either listening to Harry Styles or at Universal Studios riding all the rollercoasters!
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