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The Food Truck Frenzy

Attention all foodies and Central Florida collegiettes. The food truck frenzy is here in full force. You might be thinking, what exactly is a food truck? When I saw the Yum Yum truck on campus, my first thought was: Why sell cupcakes out of a truck?Then my second thought quickly turned to: What a trendy addition to the UCF atmosphere!By definition, a food truck is a mobile venue that sells food. There is no limit to what might be served. From crepes to hummus to BBQ to cupcakes, my mouth is already beginning to water…

I stumbled upon this craze through a fellow foodie. She introduced me to The Daily City, which is an “online city culture guide” to our beloved city of Orlando. The main goal of The Daily City is to help locals steer clear of the tourist crowd while still enjoying the many gems of Orlando. The owner, Mark Baratelli, created The Food Truck Bazaar, which is the “original mobile gourmet food truck party in Central Florida.”  This tailgate-like set-up is a chow-down party in a foodie’s heaven.
Here are some of The Food Truck Bazaar dates that you must make an appearance at this March!

1.)    Sunday, March 25th in Orlando from 5 P.M. to 8 P.M. – This festival is located behind the Fashion Square Mall. 
2.)    Friday, March 30th in New Smryna Beach from 5 P.M. to 8 P.M. – This festival is located downtown New Smryna Beach. 

Psst... April may bring: 
1.)   Sunday, April 1st at Waterford Lakes from 5 P.M. to 8 P.M. – This festival is not offically confirmed but you should still mark it down in your calendars! Be sure to check back with The Daily City as the event grows closer. 
The Daily City was kind enough to supply helpful tips to make sure newcomers have an enjoyable time. Here are a few key suggestions:
1.)    Expect long lines
2.)    Expect some trucks to possibly run out of food
3.)    Bring chairs, tables and tents
4.)    Expect loud noises from the truck generators
5.)    Bring cash
I am certain that this new frenzy is here to stay. Whatever your prerogative may be, there is plenty to choose from. With food truck names from The Batter Bowl Truck to the Cafe Rouge Express to the Fork in the Road, I will be sure to be coming back for seconds. Make sure to pack your appetite!

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