Florals for Spring: Groundbreaking Outfit Ideas

Flowers are blooming, picnics are being unpacked and our beautiful writers are rocking their floral-printed clothes. Even though winter is a myth in Florida, we still had our cold days. But gloomy days are no more as spring is finally here, and what better way to welcome it than with groundbreaking outfit ideas?

Here are a few ways to rock florals for spring.

Dress the Day

What's better than a dress? I'm still waiting. This spring, dust off your cute floral dresses and pair them up with your favorite backpacks, pieces of jewelry and sunnies for #instaworthy outfits. Our writers Nicole, Chelsea, Yeniz and Lena sure know how to do this!

Kimono? Kimo-yes!

As an effect of climate change, we can still experience chilly days here and there (yes, even in April). No worries, you can still keep warm AND look cute. Our writer Fafi does so by layering her outfit with a gorgeous blush pink kimono cardigan! Her mind

SSS: Shirts and Shorts SZN

Florida weather knows zero control—it's either hot or cold. And when it's hot, it's really hot. For this weather, shorts are your BFFs, which you can pair with your favorite floral shirts or blouse! Ashley is smiling because she looks cute, had a bomb outfit and didn't die out of heat stroke. A triple win!

Now that you have a few tips and tricks for spring outfits, how will you rock the floral patterns? Make sure to tag our Instagram at @hercampusucf and show us your groundbreaking looks!

Images: 1, all others provided by writers