First Wasn't the Worst in This Case: My First Valentine's Date

Elementary school: the last time I enjoyed Valentine’s Day. Since I tragically graduated from the crayon-colored walls and the monkey bars at recess, Valentine’s Day has never been my favorite. I was never the outgoing one — up until this year — so talking to guys was never my forté. Long story short, I haven’t had a valentine since fourth grade. But this year, we broke that tragic streak. 

I know this is some shocking news, but I’ve had a boyfriend for the past two and a half months, so no more watching The Notebook alone with chocolate-covered strawberries I bought myself! How amazing! My Nice Jewish Boy and I decided to have a night on the town and do what people who live in Orlando do...go to Disney! But first, you know I had to be extra and go full glam for this fine Friday night, I mean come on, I’ve been waiting 19 years for a Valentine’s date, so it’s acceptable...right?

girl and guy posing for picture at hotel passerby at hotel

After I put on my glitter eyeshadow and pink dress, he picked me up as any good gentleman should, suffered through a little bit of I-4 traffic and we eventually made our way to hibachi-style restaurant Benihana and had some darn good filet mignon and veggies. While we were enjoying some *authentic* Japanese flavors, we found the time to become the fashion police and trust me, since there was a two hour walk-in wait time, there were countless OOTN’s to critique. From guys in Timberland boots to girls in slippers, there really wasn’t a middle ground, but hey, fashion is for fun, so what can we really say here.  

Everything was just natural and comfortable; I didn’t have to think (which I rarely do anyway). It may have been the cheesiness of V-day, but I felt like I was in a movie, everything was just so easy and effortless. It was like I was with my best friend, but with some benefits. Who would have ever thought that my life would turn into one of those Netflix rom-coms? You know, the ones I used to watch alone in my room on Valentine’s Day. 

original gif of guy and girl holding hands Ashley Reichert

Being full force into grind season, we walked around Disney Springs to burn off the calories from dinner and just enjoyed the night. There were couples everywhere, everyone was happy (given, Disney is the happiest place in the world) and everyone was just having a good time. While we were making our way downtown, walking fast, faces pass, we found ourselves in the LegoLand store looking at $700 Lego sets…did y’all know plastic could be so expensive? Because I didn’t have the slightest clue.

I just watched him be in awe of basically everything in the store, which was the most adorable thing on the planet. From there, we tried not to become even more broke college students than we already were and helped ourselves from buying a giant Stitch plush and Lightsabers, but you can sure as heck bet we had a Lightsaber fight in the middle of World of Disney

I know I shouldn’t have gone into this night with any expectations because if you don’t have expectations, you won’t be let down — sad, but we all know it’s true — but mine were shattered. Expectations are the only thing your boyfriend should shatter, ladies, not your heart.