First Dinner Date Do’s and Don’ts

Dating, what a lovely, absurd experience that can be.  Whether you are thrown into bumper cars and Ferris wheels, or taken out on a cliché dinner and a movie date, the night can easily turn from snazzy to snobby in a bat of a lash.  Unless you have been swept off your feet by a unique first date, most first timers start with the classic dinner.  As calm and relaxing as a dinner can be, many women tend to struggle with the important question, “What in the world do I eat in front of him?” Hopefully once you are comfortable with your arm candy, you will eat anything your stomach desires, but on a first date, we cannot fail to admit we are here to impress, not disgust. 

Assessing the “Do’s & Don’ts” of first date eating is something we all need a little help on.  Sadly in the year 2011, guys and girls, still seem to have no clue how to eat in an attractive manner!

DO eat with a knife and fork.  Using your fingers to push food onto your fork is so juvenile.  Most of us learned how to use utensils a long time ago, hopefully, so put those skills to work!

DON’T eat wings, burritos, or spaghetti! These are all face foods, as in they will end up more on your face than in your mouth! Keep it clean people; don’t end dinner looking like a clown.

DO use a napkin! It is there for a reason.  Steer clear of using your hands, or dress, to wipe your mouth.  Keep the napkin on your lap and use it when necessary.

DON’T talk with your mouth full! This is not only rude, but an unattractive way to present yourself.  Shoveling food, and then showing it to him while you tell him your favorite movies, is not cute.  Take small bites, finish swallowing, and then speak.  It is extremely respectful, and will show you were raised with perfect manners!

EAT chicken and veggies! A nice plate of lean meat, vegetables, and some rice is always safe and clean.  And make sure you eat! Most men that take a woman out to dinner enjoy seeing her actually eat, so enjoy!
It is all up to you now! Yes, there may be men out there that love it when a girl shoves her face with a cheeseburger, and there may be some that like to witness a dainty salad being nibbled, but think before your eat! Eat what you your stomach and heart is telling you.  Just remember how it may affect your teeth, tummy, or attractiveness. 

Lets try and at least get to the second date!