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Finals Week Explained By Skins

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

You’ve spent the whole semester slaving over homework and exams, then finals week rolls around and you realize your entire grade depends on a single test. 

Frantic study mode begins, complete with all nighters and way too much coffee.

You check the syllabus, it turns out your final will be cumulative.

Your friends are all in easier classes than you, so they get to go out partying…

Until the night before their finals, when they realize they haven’t studied a single thing.

So they ask you for help…

…and you’re just like…

So you help, then you wonder…you’ve worked hard, could one party really hurt?

You wake up the next morning and realize, yeah, it definitely hurt.

You walk out of your last exam, and you don’t feel confident at all.

But two weeks later you get your grades back, and you passed everything!

Now you have a whole summer to tan, relax, and come back to school with a great GPA. Maybe you’ll even get a summer job!

…or not.


Happy Finals Week!


UCF Contributor