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Fashion Trends That Men Still HATE: Part 2

To fully appreciate and understand this article, I suggest you read the first article “Fashion Trends that Men Hate”.  If you’re pressed for time the four main fashion trends that men hate are as follows: rompers, rain boots, uggs, and oversized sunglasses. Since that article has come out I’ve received quite an amount of feedback, including things men feel I’ve missed.  A fellow Her Campus UCF writer has pledged to sell her $315 rain boots (which haven’t been worn once). As for the terrible topic of rompers, a few girls have awoken and pledged to stop wearing them. One girl I recently met swore she “actually has a cute romper” (the girl is cute, I doubt the romper is).  I love you ladies and feel for the whole beauty is pain thing, so I’d like to do what I can to help you keep the bad pieces out of your wardrobe.  

After all you do dress to attract the opposite sex, don’t you?

Doll Face aka Too Much Make-up

Dare I say… chonga?

Maybe you just had a breakout, or truly enjoy makeup, but less tends to be more. Hopefully this lyric will ring a bell,“sweat pants, hair tied, chillin’ with no make-up on. That’s when you’re the prettiest; I hope that you don’t take it wrong.” You’re trickery might work out at the dark night club, but we will be thoroughly unhappy when your 9 flips into a 6 in the morning.  Too much makeup reeks of insecurity or high maintenance, both equal no bueno.  Unless you’re going for the pin up girl look, leave some of the foundation off and remember a little mascara goes a long way.
Only permissible for: Gothic Girls.

Harem Pants

Oh hey MC Hammer, just when I thought you were only a Rick Ross song, you were revived by this terrible women fashion trend.  Truthfully I didn’t know the name of these pants or too much about them until my research. These contain some of the top three awards for terrible female fashion: formless, high waisted, and a stupid name.
Only permissible for: models who are walking the runway, and only on the runway.

Gaga Bow or Anything Lady Gaga Does

The Gaga bow looks like a rejected Sailor Moon hairstyle. I would hope this one is fairly self explanatory.  In fact, I would go as far as to say never copy ANYTHING Lady Gaga does. Seriously when is the last time you heard one of your guy friends say “wow that outfit Lady Gaga had on the other night was really hot!”? I’ll give you a moment to recall this statement. Exactly, never happened and never will.  You also aren’t projected to earn $100 million in a year for your ridiculousness.  
Only permissible for:  Lady Gaga concerts since no straight male will be there anyway.

The Poof or Anything Snooki Does

How anything Snooki ever rocks caught on as a fashion trend is beyond me.  Urban dictionary seems to reference it as the “b!*ch poof”.  Do you really think a big puffball of hair on top of your head looks that great?  Unless you want to look like a drunken orange pumpkin that runs around the Shore, retire this hairstyle.
Only permissible for: you decided you are going to be celibate this Halloween and dress up as someone from the Jersey Shore.

Gladiator Sandals

Are you not entertained?!?

I apologize sweetheart, I didn’t realize we were role playing or I would have brought my spear and shield.  No man wants to be reminded of Russell Crowe or the battles of 300 when looking at a girl.  The last article had a comment from a random guy stating don’t forget “gladiator sandals.” I can’t wait for those to go away.  This one is for you buddy.  Simply put they are ugly. Only permissible for: 300 BC.

Unshaven Arms

If you look like her, feel free to let your arms grow out!

Yes you already have to shave your legs, arm pits, possibly stomach, and for the love of God that other place.  Still that doesn’t give you a pass to skimp on the arms.  Hairy arms aren’t a deal breaker, but they also aren’t very attractive.  Take the extra time in the shower, and shave them.
Only permissible for: arms that have white hair, but it’s still recommended.

High Waisted Shorts and Skirts

Sweet sandals!

Yes it might be fashionable to tuck your dress / shirt / leotard (yuck) into your shorts or skirts, but it is not attractive. The hipster look of high waisted shorts with a tucked in short looks terrible for your form. If you haven’t learned by now, terrible fashion trends usually consistent of turning your sexy curves into a blob. Now that parachute skirt sold from American Apparel looks HORRENDOUS.  Especially when you and 4 of your girlfriends all wear it out to the same place. Luckily this trend has been dying off since last year.
Only permissible for: if your already wearing the flowery headband (might as well go all out, you hipster you).


Turning your romper into a dress / adding pants, doesn’t make it look any better.
Only permissible for: never.

Controversial Mentions

Leggings – polls said guys hate leggings. I personally like them, and my friends seemed to agree as well.  
Jeggings – similar to the above.  Jeggings just remind me of Brazilian pants a bit too much. Essentially, they are just a jean look alike without pockets.  The more I think about it, it makes sense to me because we all know women’s pockets can’t fit anything.

What do you women and men think?  Comment the blog or comment on Facebook.

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