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Fall Into Fall With These 3 Simple Decor Tips

When it comes to fall, there’s only one acceptable way to welcome back the pumpkin spice and cooler weather: decorate! Over the past few weeks in preparation for this leaf-turning season, I’ve been binging fall decor videos (more than I have New Girl!) and I’ve compiled three simple and affordable decor ideas that will get you in the coziest of moods. So sit back, enjoy and let me take you on the fall adventure you’ve been waiting for!

(For a fun drinking game, take a sip of your pumpkin spice latte every time I say the word fall!)


I don’t know about you, but the first word that comes to mind when I think of fall is pumpkin! What better way to decorate your space than with big (or small) pumpkins. In order to do this, grab a few pumpkins of different shapes and sizes and layer on a dining table or even your office space! I personally love placing pumpkins near lamps, in the bathroom and next to my bedside table. If you’re looking for an affordable option, Target sells $1 pumpkins that are adorable and perfect to place around your house! 

Pro tip: you don’t have to stick with the conventional orange. Pumpkins come in so many different colors, patterns and materials. My favorite pumpkin combination is rose gold and marbled white! 


Scents are one of my favorite ways to spice up the holidays! If you’re looking for a SCENT-sational way to add some color and create an ambiance reminiscent of the changing color of leaves, candles are your go-to. My favorite candles are from Yankee Candle and Bath and Body Works! 

Pro tip: use two candles to create an even more intense effect in your house. Just make sure to pick scents that compliment each other!

Pillows & Blankets

There’s nothing cozier than jumping on your couch and drinking hot chocolate as the season changes. One of my all-time favorite ways to decorate for fall is changing couch pillows and buying new blankets. If you’re looking for some fun blankets, check out TJ Maxx and Ross! You can also opt to decorate your couch with Autumn colors such as orange, burgundy and brown if you’re looking for a cleaner look that still spells F-A-L-L!

Pro tip: use two different blankets. One can be used as a decorative throw and the other can be used to bundle up!

As fall is the air, there’s really no better way than to add those touches to your apartment, home or even your office space. Make sure you take time to treat yourself, go on a shopping spree and get excited for one of the best seasons!

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Manisha is currently a student at the University of Central Florida studying finance. She loves all things sweet and artsy. If she's not stuffing her face with the colorful ice cream or drawing pictures of her cat, then she's probably reading all things astrology or singing her heart away to all of her favorite R&B artists. Her dream is to be a CEO and have her own beauty brand focusing on natural, clean products that will transform the beauty industry!
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