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If you’ve seen videos on your for-you page where actors are asked to list their top four favorite movies, then chances are you know Letterboxd. The movie cataloging platform allows users to rank, rate, review, list, and like movies or limited series. An app that was once reserved for passionate cinephiles is now taking over the internet and broadening its reach.

What Goodreads is to readers and Yelp is to Karens (kidding!), Letterboxd is for the Academy Award-watching, cult classic-loving, theater-going movie lovers. Rotten Tomatoes is a leading movie review site where verified critics can evaluate films, but Letterboxd allows anyone the freedom to become a self-proclaimed reviewer.

Letterboxd reviews are influential to public opinion as the internet can easily persuade audiences today. The platform helps promote films, especially during awards season, and its internet presence has grown through viral celebrity interviews. Celebrities that recently divulged their top four favorite films are:

Emma StoneCity Lights, Network, Mikey and Nicky, The Firemen’s Ball

Emily BluntJaws, Lawrence of Arabia, Gone with the Wind, Romancing the Stone

Billie EilishThe Babadook, We Need to Talk About Kevin, I Origin, Drive

Paul MescalBlue Valentine, Remains of the Day, Manchester by the Sea, The King of Comedy

Natalie PortmanDays of Heaven, Safe, The Piano Teacher, Dirty Dancing

@letterboxd via Instagram

Letterboxd encourages users to share their last four watched to celebrate “Letterboxd Friday’s”, often trending on X (Twitter) and Instagram. People get creative with their film list titles and make Letterboxd an interesting place to interact. One by adrianbalboa called “rotating hallway scenes ranked by dramatic effectiveness” includes High School Musical 3 and Inception. Another by Hannah called “Will Ferrell plays an evil? CEO” includes Zoolander, The Lego Movie and Barbie. Some actors are rumored to have Letterboxd accounts, if not keeping their profile handles private, like Ayo Edebiri of The Bear who is well-known on the platform.

@letterboxd via X

What are your top four favorite films? Join Letterboxd HERE and start logging.

Gianna Aceto is a student at the University of Central Florida majoring in Integrative General Studies with focuses on Entertainment Management and Visual Arts. Her interests include photography, entertainment and writing. The topics she is most passionate about covering are mental health, entertainment and lifestyle.