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Events Perfect for The Spirit of Fall

It’s hard to tell when Florida changes seasons because we pretty much only have one: scorching hot weather in which you feel as though you’re swimming through a pool of humidity by the time you make it to class. However, alas, fall has arrived…which means get ready for pumpkin spice latte’s, layers (yes, we can actually start bundling up without turning into a puddle) (Scratch that, maybe use a light cardigan) pumpkin patches, hay-rides, corn mazes, umbrella’s (since Florida can tend to be a bit bipolar with whether it wants to be sunshine or rain), orange tones, and we can’t forget about our fall holiday’s. The first major one in October is Halloween so dust off those old copies of Halloween Town, Hocus Pocus and Casper and get ready for some binge-watching nights. Nothing better than bundling up with loved ones and some candy corn. 

Green Meadows Petting Farm in Kissimmee, FL has a corn fest featuring pig races and free, roasted corn happening on September 24th and 25th. One of the most fun activities in fall has to be pumpkin picking, although I will say it’s quite messy once you start decorating. Green Meadows also has a pumpkin patch ranging from plumb, juicy pumpkins to itty, bitty, baby ones and the best part is you get to take home a free one! This runs from October 1st to November 6th. 


October 1st and October 22nd, our very own UCF campus is holding Oktoberfest thanks to the German American Society of Central Florida! There will be authentic food, beer and music. What more could one want? Need an excuse to drink and try (and fail) to dance to some tunes? Here’s a fun event to check out with friends and a great excuse to get into the start of the holiday joy!  


If you really want to get into the creepy, crawly adrenaline-rushing feel of Halloween, you can even check out Halloween Horror Nights at Universal with some friends. and what better way to test that new guy you’ve been talking to see if he would save you from zombies? Who doesn’t like feeling as though they were suddenly transported into a horror movie with men in chainsaws chasing you? (Don’t worry, no one can actually touch you – so no punching costumed villains.) Either way, it’s time to start shopping for some p’interesting costumes and some potions…I mean concoctions…I mean drinks you can make for your next ghoulish bash. 


If you are feeling like you just need a bit more horror and blood-curdling screams in your life, you can check out the Haunt at Old Town which runs every Friday and Saturday from September 23rd to October 31st. This includes five haunt zones, which are (drum rolls for my fellow college students please) FREE as well as two haunted houses, which are ticketed. There are costume contests, so this gives you an opportunity to sport your new Harley or Batman costume and try to impress the judges! If you try and ruin someone else’s costume, don’t tell them I gave you the idea…or at least don’t get caught.


Next, in November, we have Thanksgiving. It’s time to make sure you have your appetite ready: from stuffing, to turkey, to green bean casserole, to pumpkin pie, you’ll be salivating from the delicious smells before you even make it to the family table. Make sure to get the corny Thanksgiving decorations out from the attic and move them to the porch to show your neighbors just how basic(ally) in love with the holiday spirit you are.  

Speaking of food, if you’re a true foodie, you should check out Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival held September through November. It includes food and wine from all over the world served tapas style. So what better way to use going to a theme park and learning about different cultures as an excuse to eat excessively?!

Ye be warned.


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Rachel Davis is a writing & rhetoric major with a minor in mass communication. She is a pursuer of fine arts and fine cheeses. She loves naps, Netflix and long walks to the fridge. Rachel loves films and books, you can almost always find her at her second home; Barnes & Noble, reading J.K. Rowling and J. R. R. Tolkien all day long with a soy caramel macchiato in her hand while sweet talking her wifi and telling it to be strong. She has completed two internships in social media advertising and when she's not reading or writing, she is taking pictures, editing or traveling. She has been around France, Greece (no, she definitely does not recommend riding the donkeys, learn from her bad ideas), Italy and England. Her most recent excursion has been to Tennessee where she unsuccessfully climbed (and tripped) on the Smoky Mountains. She is just trying to survive, one donut at a time.
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