Drop Everything & Listen to "Wasteland, Baby!"

Since his first big hit “Take me to Church,” Hozier has continued to blow us all away with his elegant songwriting skills and untouchable voice. His most recent album, “Wasteland, Baby!” was released March 1 and does not disappoint. After almost five years of waiting, the Hozier fan base was finally rewarded for their patience with arguably one of the most angelic albums to exist. Hozier's ingenious new record is one enjoyed by poets and songwriters as much as casual listeners like myself.

A Work of Art

“Wasteland, Baby!” is perfect in every meaning of the word. From the lyrics to the album cover, the artistry and effort put into the album's production are undeniable. The cover art is a detailed and thought-provoking painting done by Hozier’s talented mother, Raine Hozier-Byrne, proving to us that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

One of my favorite parts about “Wasteland, Baby!” is that it’s not a one-toned album. This collection has a song for every mood and any time of day. If you’re feeling happy, throw on “No Noise Making (Sing)” and you’ll immediately feel unstoppable. If you’re feeling peaceful, then “Shrike” or “Would That I” would more than satisfy your chill vibes. And if you’re in need of a song that is flawless in every way, “Almost (Sweet Music)" is most definitely the way to go. For me, this album has been a "feel good" album. In a few years, when one of the songs surprises me on the radio, I know it'll take me back to my second semester freshman year and remind me of only good times.

Many people are familiar with Hozier's self-titled debut album, another product of genius featuring show-stopping songs like "Cherry Wine," "Work Song" and my personal favorite, "Jackie and Wilson." This first album is a great representation of Hoizer's style and genre. Somehow, Hozier managed to stay true to this same style in "Wasteland, Baby!" while still giving his fans something completely original and exceeding all of our expectations, all while raising the bar for the indie rock genre.

Hozier’s Pop-Up Performance

Earlier this month, Hozier blessed the walls of a New York Subway station with an exclusive pop-up performance, singing a mix of old hits like “Take Me to Church” and new ones off of his new album such as “Movement.” If listeners didn’t know who the 6’5” legend was before the performance, they most definitely did afterward.

The surprise show was genuinely beautiful, using only live music and a chorus of backup singers. It really captured who Hozier is as a performer. After seeing the viral videos of the show, I can say with 100% certainty that Hozier is a one-of-a-kind artist and something tells me this is just the beginning of his efforts to change the game of the music industry.

As you can see, I'm not-so-subtly fangirling over Hozier's new release, but it's with good reason. I will always vocalize my appreciation for an album with as much intelligence, rhythm and grace as "Wasteland, Baby!" and I absolutely recommend it to anyone and everyone.  

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