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The Dos & Don’ts of Brazilian Waxing

Have you ever thought about getting a Brazilian wax, but you had no idea what to do once you set up your appointment? These helpful tricks should put your mind at ease about the entire process.

Have 10–14 days of hair growth

Having roughly two weeks of hair growth is the ideal length for getting a wax. Any thicker could make the waxing process more difficult. The wax won’t be able to take off all the hair in a certain spot in one go, making the esthetician wax over the same area multiple times, causing the skin to become highly irritated and sensitive. If your appointment date is closer and your hair’s growth is longer than the two week time period, you can always trim down some of the growth.

Hydrate and moisturize your skin

Moisturizing your skin makes the process less painful since there would be less skin breakage due to dry and irritated skin. Most of the horror stories come from the skin being pulled along with the hair. When you moisturize your skin, the process goes by much smoother since there isn’t any dead skin blocking pores or getting caught in the wax.

Wash up the day of the appointment

This is for the sake of the esthetician. They are focusing on that part of your body specifically. If you forget the shower or just want to stay fresh, hygiene wipes may be provided depending on each business to make sure that everything is completely cleaned. However, to be courteous to the esthetician, wash up before you go.

Don’t exercise the same day you waxed

This may come as a surprise to some, but exercising after getting a Brazilian can cause issues and irritation to the skin. If you exercise the day of, the heat from your body will open up your pores. It’s important when you get a Brazilian wax that you don’t irritate or open the pores because it will lead to ingrown hairs and bumps under the skin. Sweat can also enter the pores and cause further irritation and pain to the privates.

Take a cold shower after the wax

Anyone who has gotten a Brazilian knows the feeling of euphoria once the cold water hits. In actuality, it’s important to take a cold shower after you get waxed; it helps close the pores and relieves any burning or irritation, so this step is one of the most important.  

Take an exfoliating shower one to two days later

Using an exfoliating sugar scrub one or two days after getting waxed; this will ensure that the hairs will be able to get through the pores, rather than getting stuck underneath leaving behind bumps and ingrown hairs.

Hopefully, these tips will help ensure your waxing experience goes by smoothly.

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