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Dispelling the Myths of the Black Pen Personality

Personality tests — we’ve all heard of them, and for most of us, we’ve all done at least one. I am a proud Type A, INTJ, Type Three kind of person. But, despite being so caught up in finding out how I line up compared to the other sixteen types of personalities or the other eight Enneagrams, there is one personality test I’ve never quite understood — that the color of ink you write in can predict who you are.

I’ll admit, I have a habit of doing things very by the book — very precisely — without ever skipping a beat. And do you want to know how I am very aware that the color of ink you choose to write in actually does not measure up with what kind of person you are? Black pen people are said to be very dominating (exuding confidence, if you will) and very decisive decision-makers. 

Let me start out by saying this — I’m not saying that the pen test is all out baloney, I’m just saying it shouldn’t define who you are. I’ve been in college for three years now, and I think I’ve broken a record for the number of times a single person can change their major. And truthfully? I’ve probably broken it twice over. I am one of the most indecisive people ever. No, not in the sense of deciding where to go for dinner or what color of nail polish I’ll have on for a given week. But for the big, big things — the things that really matter. I know it’s probably a normal thing to stress over things when you aren’t sure of the outcome yet. Ironically, I’ve always preferred black pens, and to be very blunt with you, it’s because it makes my cursive handwriting look legible (and somewhat pretty) — nothing more than that. But if I have to use a blue pen, I’m not going to suddenly drop everything and change who I am to be more peaceful (which apparently is what all blue pen people are). And that dispels myth number one — that the color of pen you use determines your personality. 

And as for the “exudes confidence” notion of black pen lovers? What a bunch of bull. I’m not saying I lack even the smallest ounce of confidence, but what I am trying to get at is that when I walk into a room, the first thing I’m looking for is an open chair, not how to make the floor my own runway. For some people, it’s easy — the whole confidence thing. I’d consider myself confident academically, but definitely not socially. And that’s the assumption of black pen users — that they’re confident in every aspect of their lives, no matter what. So, I guess that takes out myth number two. But, if study after study shows that writing in black ink alone can increase your confidence, maybe it’s worth a shot. 

I want to leave you with this final thought. Despite all the personality tests we take, and all the science that may back them, regardless of how well-fitting they may seem, or just how perfectly they describe you, please always remember that you are so much more than just a number, a combination or letters or even a single letter. You are able to change at will, and no title, number or pen color (especially not a pen color) will ever be enough to define all that you are. 

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A senior at the University of Central Florida, Rose is majoring in International Relations & Comparative Politics with minors in Diplomacy, History, and Intelligence and National Security. For her final year as a Knight, she is serving as the Senior Editor for Her Campus @ UCF. Outside of doing copious amounts of homework, she spends an unhealthy amount of time reading historical fiction, watching planes fly by outside of her apartment window, and eating ice cream from the pint. After college, she hopes to finally figure out the secret to life, or at least how to grow 2 more inches.
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