Definitive List of Rom-Coms to Watch Whether You’re Single or Taken

For some, February 14th is a day to loathe, while for others is a day of love, celebration, and a sugar high to last for days. Sure, it’d be nice to be coupled up after 21 years of it just being me, myself, and I, but I don’t give it much thought when I know that movies will always be there for me. With that being said, here’s my top 10 list of romantic comedy films that pair perfectly with a tub of buttered popcorn and glass of wine (or soda if you’re so inclined!)


  • Serendipity – What? A movie about a romance that’s ultimately meant to be? Sign me up! Jonathan and Sara meet on the magical day of Christmas Eve only to part when Sara thinks they should let Fate decide if they should be together.


  • The Wedding Planner – J Lo stars in my mother’s personal favorite out of this list, as a wedding planner who falls for the doctor she’s planning a wedding for. Drama, comedy, and M&Ms are all present in this fun film.


  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding – Opa! Toula is the thirty-year old daughter of Greek immigrant parents, and of course they’re wondering, along with the REST of her family: when the heck is she gonna tie the knot?? Romance is closer than she thinks when the same man who visited her family’s restaurant comes in the travel agency where she works. Hilarity, Toula’s special brand of awkwardness, and family antics ensue!


  • 13 Going on 30Thirty, flirty, and thriving. If I had a dollar for every time I’d seen this film, I could pay at least half of my tuition! Jenna Rink suddenly goes from teenager to a grown woman after a tearful wish in a closet at her birthday party. Now with a great job, athletic boyfriend, and her own apartment, Jenna realizes that the significant thing missing from her life is her childhood best friend who she discovers she grew apart from. But there’s a happy ending, don’t worry!


  • A Cinderella Story – What do you get when you put together Hillary Duff, 2000s teen heartthrob Chad Michael Murry, and the magic of a high school masquerade ball? This movie of course!


  • When Harry Met Sally – Can men and women be just friends, with no sexual feelings between them? Okay, yeah, the answer is yes, but for the purposes of this movie, thankfully that’s not the case. Harry and Sally first meet at the University of Chicago where Harry asserts that men and women can’t be friends because ‘the sex part gets in the way.’ We follow the pair and the ups, downs, and in-betweens of their friendship (turned romance) through the years.


  • You’ve Got Mail – Another movie I’ve watched quite a few times. Set in the time of AOL’s instant messaging and iconic ‘you’ve got mail’ notification, Joe and Kathleen, major book chain and indie bookstore owners respectively, are email correspondents that hate each other in real life and have no idea they’re talking to one another online. It’s amazing, and you can’t help admiring the chemistry between the two.  


  • 10 Things I Hate About You – Adding another teenage rom-com to the list, this movie is such a classic, and if I may be so bold as to say that while everyone is quoting Mean Girls word for word, I’m too busy dropping 10 Things lines. If you’re a sucker for the hard-to-get and enemies-to-lovers tropes, as well as being transported back to high school in the late 90s, this movie has you covered.


  • Sleepless in Seattle – Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks star as love interests again in this 1993 film that also deals with the hand that fate plays in getting two people together. Sam, a widow with a young son shares his story on the radio, and women all over the country are infatuated with him. Annie, engaged to be married, can’t stop thinking about this man, and it all comes to a head when she decides to travel to Seattle to see him.


  • Friends With Benefits – Maybe to some, Justin Timberlake should stick to music, but I find him perfect starring alongside Mila Kunis in this film. Once again, sex gets in the way of a beautiful friend(relation)ship, but it’s equal parts cheesy and hilarious to watch, making for an ultimate good time.



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