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Decking the Halls on a Budget

For all my fellow Christmas lovers, it’s officially the holiday season and decorating your space is one of the best parts. Some people will judge and say it’s too early for Christmas decorations, but I say it’s time to deck the halls on November 1. So, for everyone who loves Christmas as much as I do, here are some tips for decorating your space this holiday season ⁠— without breaking the bank.

Hobby Lobby Weekly Ad

It’s no secret that Hobby Lobby is the place to be when it comes to trees, decorations, wrapping paper and so much more. But what some might not know is that their Christmas inventory is almost always on sale. Check out the weekly ad when you’re ready to shop and you’ll probably find that it’s all 50% off. You’ll find yourself coming home with bags full of decor without spending all of your paycheck.


Enter if you dare. HomeGoods is a go-to for any home decor, but they also carry a lot of Christmas decorations that will make your home a cozy winter wonderland. Not to mention their prices are unbeatable. But don’t go in if you aren’t prepared to want everything you see.

Dollar Store Ornaments

The first year I decorated I really didn’t have a lot of money to spend, so I found myself at the dollar store and quickly figured out they actually carry a variety of cute ornaments. Sure, they might not be amazing quality, but if you really wanna stay on a budget you will not be disappointed. I have some that I still use!

Don’t buy it all at once

As much as you want to buy out the stores, if you space out your purchases you’ll be able to buy more at once! So maybe dedicate one week to getting and decorating a tree, the next to a wreath and lights, and another to little decorations to set around the house. Then, before December even starts, your home is fully decorated!

Take care of your decorations so you can reuse them

It seems like a given to take care of your decorations, but it’s easier than you’d think to break them when you pack them away. Make sure to wrap everything up that is breakable and be strategic about what you put in which boxes. That way, you will be able to reuse your decorations for years to come (and add to your collection, too).

There are ways to have your space looking great for the holidays without spending too much money. And don’t forget, it’s never too early to get in the spirit!

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Mandie is a Senior at the University of Central Florida. She is pursuing a degree in writing and rhetoric as well as a certificate in editing and publishing. To keep up with her, follow her on Instagram @mandiemccann.
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