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Dating: As Told by The Bachelor Contestants

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

Not many people would think their love lives compare much with that of contestants on the Bachelor. But when you really think about it, mostly everyone’s goes the same way in life! (Minus the extravagant first dates… if only those could happen all the time.) And we all have quite similar reactions, too.

You meet him, you hit it off well and everything starts off very nicely. It’s your lucky night for once!

He asks for your number, maybe even Snapchat. You can’t help but feel #flawless, and you’re kind of looking forward to talking to him again.

You guys begin talking regularly and going on a few dates. You already know you guys are perfect for each other, but he still hasn’t asked you to be his girlfriend. When is he just going to make a move already??

He asks you to be his girlfriend – all that hard work of putting on makeup and trying to look good all the time around him is finally over.

Warming up to each other is really easy, and the honeymoon phase is just so nice. You keep getting to know each other and you think it’s going extremely well, because no question is too weird (true love or what?).

You show him off everywhere you go, making sure everyone knows who he really belongs to. Have to let people wish they were you, right?

That first real fight/disagreement comes along, and you both start to realize your differences. But you’re both in this to make it work and you respect each other very well (for the most part).

You get easily jealous of any girl that even attempts to get at him… But you still try to keep it classy.

Things start to take different directions – you both either begin to realize you’re super compatible and in this for the long run or know it’s time to break it off. If it’s the latter, at least you can say it was nice while it lasted.

But if you actually managed to keep it together forever, congratulations on finding that one special guy. And hooray for managing to do it without having to expose every breakdown you have on national television – that’s always a plus, right?


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Hailey is a junior here at the University of Central Florida, currently majoring in Human Communication and double minoring in Business and Leadership Studies. She is also a dedicated sister of Gamma Phi Beta. When she's not writing for Her Campus or her own personal blog, you can find her hanging out with other members of her sorority at philanthropy events and socials, singing her heart out at local concerts, or taking silly pictures with her best friends on rides at Disney World or Universal. Hailey enjoys ordering cookies and Chinese food at midnight, running in local 5K's, and cheering on her Knights at football games. Follow Hailey on Twitter and Instagram for updates on her articles and life!
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