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Dapsity: Better Than Tinder

You know how you high-five or bump fists with friends to celebrate something awesome? Dapsity is an iPhone app that urges you to do the same when you finally land an internship or job through the app!

We have all been through the endless internship and job search online. Everything seems to blur together and it can get monotonous.  The co-founder, Jarrod compares this app to “the popular dating app Tinder but instead of swiping through potential lovers, you’re swiping through potential jobs.” I have never used Tinder and it is already clear to me that Dapsity is a more productive way to spend your time. 

Dapsity can be found in the app store and is free! Once you download the app you have the option to connect it to your Facebook or LinkedIn account. Next you are able to customize your search and tailor it to the fields you want.

Immediately after the app generates jobs that fit your criteria and you swipe left to deny matches and right to save matches. As you go through options you are able to get more information about the job or internship. All of your matches will be within a 25 mile radius, but in the future you will be able to expand the distance.  

Who knew a simple app could lead you to an internship opportunity? You’ll definitely get daps once you land the position!  

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