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Cute Type 4 Hairstyles I’m Excited To Try This Holiday Season

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Having type 4 hair is definitely not for the weak. Some days I feel confident and love to flaunt my curls– other days not so much. I feel hopeless and want to hide in the comfort of my own home. Luckily for me, I’ve finally found the right products and I’m starting to learn what my hair needs to keep it healthy. With this newfound knowledge and the holiday season approaching rather quickly, I’ve decided to take the challenge to try new hairstyles, so I’m feeling my best for each holiday activity. After hours of scrolling through TikTok, I’ve gathered 7 simple and cute hairstyles I can rotate through December to make sure that my hair is the least of my worries this Christmas break.

space buns

Space buns are definitely a hairstyle I rocked when I was younger, however, it’s a fun and quick look that will give you a chic and cute appearance. I love the idea of either adding cute hairpins or leaving a few defined curls out. Although I’ve seen this style worn often in the summer, I think it can also be a beautiful look for the winter season.


I love that this popular ’90s accessory is making a comeback! Claw clips offer a variety of options for different hair types and can be used to style your hair in different ways. They’re definitely a great way to spice up your ponytail and give it a more sophisticated look. This is for sure a look I’d love to try for a night out. 

wearing hair down

Although I’ve been natural since my freshman year of high school, I still have trouble appreciating my hair in its natural shape and form. Going into the holidays and 2023, I’d love to wear my hair down more and experiment with what I can do with it. Sometimes I’d rather have my hair out of my face especially when I’m out and about, so slicking back my bangs is definitely a cute method to keep them out of the way when I’m running my Christmas errands.  

half-up half-down

I absolutely adore the half-up half-down style and love that it fits my fluffy hair perfectly. I also love the simplicity of just gathering my hair in a ponytail and letting it fall with the rest of my hair. I first noticed this style when actress Yara Shahidi wore it and have been dying to try it out ever since. I plan to achieve this style with a cute scrunchie to add colors that can match my outfit.


I did this half up half down natural hair style and it came out sooo cute😍 #type4hair #type4naturalhair #halfuphalfdown #coilycurly

♬ I Was Never There – versations


If there’s one thing I learned this year it’s that accessories are key! A simple hairstyle can be elevated with headbands, colored bobby pins, or cute hair pins. Ponytails are currently my go-to, so I’m excited to grab new accessories to add character to my goto hairstyle.



Bubble braids are honestly my dream hairstyle and I’m excited to try it out now that my hair is a bit longer! With my birthday coming up a few days before Christmas, I think it would be a perfect look to try for my birthday festivities. I’m excited to (of course) add cute hair pins as well as colored hair ties to add vibrant colors to my hair.

curly puff

Of course, you can never go wrong with a puff! It’s a simple hairstyle that can be done in under ten minutes and you can still look your best. I also love the fact that it can be done on a fresh wash or on a bedhead. I think I’ll change it up a bit this month by leaving my bangs out and adding a cute headband.

Learning what works for your hair takes time and it’s hard to do with busy work and school schedules, so as the fall semester comes to an end and I have more time to experiment with my type 4 hair, I’m excited to learn what makes me feel my best when it comes to hairstyles and new accessories!

Bianca is a sophomore at the University of Central Florida studying marketing with a minor in event management. When she's not writing, she enjoys reading mystery novels, listening to music, and taking photos.