Creep Off: How to Spot Creepy Guy Syndrome

What constitutes a creepy guy?

Is it when he finds you on Facebook with out knowing your last name? Or is it when he finds you at work with out you telling him where you work? Creepiness is honestly in the eye of the beholder, but most women can agree on certain acts that a man might do that raise the red flag quicker than you can say “what a creeper!”  Keeping an eye out for men that make you feel uneasy is important for your safety, and pure sanity.  We all want to be swept off our feet with surprises from a man, but surprises tend to be executed in the wrong way quite often.  Stalkers, creepers, weirdoes, crazy men, you can call them whatever you want but they all seem to try and win us over in a way that never works. 

The real question then is, why? Why do they do this?  Why do they think it will work? 

Most of the time men that act on these creepy instincts are usually insecure about themselves, unless they are just horrible with women.  Insecurity can play a huge part in how a man tries to court a woman, and sadly it is something a lot of men struggle with.   They feel that in order to grab the attention of that hot waitress they think eying her is a good idea, it's to do something spur of the moment she won’t expect.  The problem is, most girls hate this and find it extremely CREEPY!
Creepy- showing up to your dinner with the girls, as a surprise, without you even telling him when or where
Not Creepy- surprising you and taking you out to a romantic dinner

Creepy- calling you every second to see what you are doing, “when, where, and why”
Not Creepy- texting or calling you once to see how your day is going and what you are up to later

Creepy- appearing on campus in the same buildings or hallways as you and watching you from a distance with out saying hello
Not Creepy- running into you on campus spur of the moment and saying hi

Creepy- sending roses to your house after meeting you once (as in he should not know where you live)
Not Creepy- having roses for you when he picks you up for a date 

Although some of these acts may be flattering to some of you, the majority of girls would rather be flattered than crept on.  We may need to help guys out with this sometimes, so be patient and make sure you evaluate the creepiness before you jump to conclusions.  But if he looks creepy, sounds creepy, and does creepy things, then he must be a creep, so run!