A Complete Guide to Seeing Your Favorite Band Live

It seems like there's no better feeling than going to a concert and being a part of a communal music experience. Being able to see any band perform is a fun and engaging experience, but having the privilege of seeing your favorite band in the world live and in action is an opportunity that may only come once in a life-time. If you're able to see your favorite band in concert, you'll need to make sure to not take the moment for granted or let yourself get too caught up in the stereotypical posting on Snapchat and Instagram. Sharing a selfie or an aesthetically pleasing video of a pastel backdrop and flashing neon lights is tempting, but living in the moment and seeing the actual thing in front of your eyes, instead of through a cell phone camera, is inexplicable.

Concerts allow you to really be yourself, the self that can dance and sing horribly without being judged (maybe slightly, but who really cares?) and the self that truly appreciates the beauty and happiness that music can afford. With all of this in mind, there are so many ways to enjoy a musical experience and none of them are right or wrong, but it's easier than you would expect to get too overwhelmed with trying to capture the moment than actually living in it. It's also possible for mishaps and obstacles to crop up throughout the night that could potentially bring down your mood, but being prepared and proactive can help avoid these instances. This Friday I got to see my favorite band ever live and it inspired me to write to others who may be seeing their favorite band in the near future.  From firsthand experience and secondary research, this guide was constructed and I hope that it brings you some ease of mind and direction in how to fully enjoy seeing your number one band live!


Make Room on Your Phone. 

The number one most important rule of going to any concert is freeing up space on your phone or camera. Making sure you have enough available storage to capture some pictures and videos to later on relive the moment is essential. If you don't want to get rid of the memories you have from way back in 2014 or embarrassing videos you have of your besties that are potential birthday posts, then download these onto your computer or save them on a hard drive. Once you've done that, there will be more than enough room to capture the night. 



Charge Up Accessories 

This may seem self-explanatory, but charging your phone before a concert is vital. Make sure your phone is on 100% before you leave to go to the venue and if possible, bring a charging chord with you to charge up in the car on the way to the event. Keeping a full charge will allow you to communicate with friends if you ever need to split up and also let you record key moments throughout the night. If you bring a charger with you, it will also aid in post-concert communication, such as meeting up at the car, letting others know when you are leaving and mapping out how to get home. 


Listen to Your Band 

This suggestion isn't completely necessary, but one that most would enjoy. Listening to your favorite band before seeing them come out is a way to get your adrenaline pumping and hype you up for the real experience that is to come shortly. Casually putting on some of their songs a few days before the concert and putting on a playlist on the way to the concert can aid in pre-concert jitters and help you realize why you paid those $100 to come out tonight. 



Research Venue Seating

Knowing the general area of where your seats are in the arena can do wonders. Instead of having to walk around aimlessly or ask three workers where you'll be sitting and still being confused, looking up the venue itself beforehand will conveniently show you what side you'll be sitting on, where in your row and what your view of the stage will look like. 


Pack a Bag

Before heading out, make sure to check off what items you think you'll need. My go-to list is a credit card, cash, my ID, phone and car keys (if I'm driving). You can create your own list of essentials depending on what kind of concert you're going to and when, but these items are applicable to whatever venue or music experience you may be attending. 


Double Check Your Outfit

This may sound ridiculous, but trying on your outfit you plan on wearing a second time can either reaffirm why you loved it in the first place or make you wonder why you chose to even wear it in the first place. Maybe it's way more uncomfortable than you remembered or it doesn't work with the shoes you desperately want to wear, but either way, being prepared to have a back-up outfit can reduce stress. Also, making sure to wear something semi-comfortable can be a life-saver after you've been sweating and dancing around for hours. 


Live in the Moment

As mentioned earlier, living in the moment is the biggest piece of advice I can give you. Yes, we all want to take pictures and videos and I HIGHLY recommend doing so, but promise to not get too caught up in recording that you forget what's even going on in front of you. You paid to see this live, not watch it through a computer screen once you've gotten home, so making sure to put the phone down every once in awhile will help you recharge and really be a part of the environment. I know from firsthand experience that it's easy to let your phone take over, but memories made in your mind will last a life-time compared to a few months or years. 


All in all, there is no right way to see your favorite band. There are lots of ways to have fun and make the night one to remember. How could it not be an amazing night when you're seeing a band that's potentially changed your life? However, having some guidance and advice on how to reduce any stress can work wonders when the night seems to fly by. Remember to enjoy the time you have and make it one of the best nights of your life!