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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

Why does it seem like everyone in college has their entire life figured out when in reality, most of us don’t? It’s frustrating to be circled in among our peers and especially family to pursue a successful career path. We’ve all been there. Your major in college can either be a scary and dreadful choice or it can be something you take pride in. You don’t need to have your entire life planned out on an itinerary but if you’re indecisive and fickle like me, here are some majors that may suit you best!

1. Business 

The truth is, you don’t have to be a math whiz to be a business major. There are lots of subsets within business that could suit you. For instance, marketing and management. A pro of choosing this route is that you acquire the knowledge of what it takes to create your own business if that’s something you like. There’s nothing like becoming your own boss and rocking your own finances! 

2. Communications 

Do you ever imagine yourself as the next speaker at a Ted Talk event? Do you feel revitalized after giving a big speech or presentation? A communications major could be the path for you. Being a great communicator is a skill not everyone gets a chance at perfecting, but it’s useful in nearly all situations. Like really… just everything. Not only is it useful in everyday life, but it is applicable to many careers. You could also delve into advertising and public relations for those who crave a more creative path. 

3. Biology  

…literally meaning the study of life. If you’ve always had a certain shift to sciences but aren’t completely sure you want to be the next Meredith Grey, biology can still be the major for you! Biology studies range from microbiology to as something as large as the ecosystem. Whether you want to follow a more practical approach or not, there are dozens of jobs that fall under biology. Applying your knowledge in this field to discover and create kick-ass new medications is surely one way to make an impact. 

4. Psychology

Psychology is a major for those with a curiosity for the human mind and behavior. Psych is like a giant puzzle waiting to be learned and discovered, not to mention it’s constantly needing to be studied as society progresses. With rising mental awareness (yay!), the demand in this field is high. There is plenty of room for research and fresh new perspectives in this field.

5. English  

Do you write on a regular basis? Do you find yourself writing thoughtful and opinionated reviews after watching movies? You might want to consider an English major. English is the perfect foundation for careers in law, education, and basically anything. The techniques and in-depth study of perfecting your writing can be used and applied to almost any career you end up choosing. You can be uniquely you with your words and be as creative as you want.

6. Journalism 

Similarly to English majors, journalism majors are keen in wanting to report either others or their own personal experiences. Whether you like editing, expressing, or telling stories, there’s always a place for you. You will never run out of things to write because there are always millions of stories to tell and things that can strike inspiration. And depending on the publications you work for you have the freedom to be as creative as possible and to express your ideas (not just in your journal)! 

College is the best time to get to know yourself and expand on what you really like. Joining clubs and going outside of your bubble is the key to learning what your interests are and how to make a career out of it. It is the time to get to know yourself and dive into your interests and the best way to do that is head first!

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Eileen is a sophomore studying Social Sciences at the University of Central Florida. She's a lover of art and all it's strangest forms. Living in her multi-colored world, she finds solace in her writing, photography, and drawing. She is constantly redecorating her room to make it even more colorful and watching Ted Talks throughout the day. If you wish to see the world through her eyes follow her instagram @eileenzelaya !
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