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Campus Cutie: Hayley Neumann

HCUCF: What’s your major?

HN: Human Communication with a minor in Mass Communication.

HCUCF: What year are you at UCF?

HN: A senior!

HCUCF: What is your hometown?

HN: Naples, Florida

HCUCF: What are your campus activities and involvement like?

HN: I’m previously a member of Tennis Club, I just joined CAB, and I am looking for more things to get involved in!

HCUCF: So, what’s your favorite UCF memory?

HN: Making new friends that I’ll hopefully have forever.

HCUCF: What is your relationship status?

HN: Single.

HCUCF: What do you look for in a man? 

HN: Someone that has a good sense of humor and good direction in life, polite, athletic and a good friend to me.

HCUCF: What is your ideal date?

HN: Doing a fun activity like paint-balling or something creative, then afterwards going to a really good restaurant of his choice, or seeing a movie.

HCUCF: What’s your favorite fall activity or favorite thing about fall?

HN: I LOVE everything about fall; the weather, football season, the holidays (especially Halloween) and getting back into school and seeing friends!

There you have it; UCF’s Campus Cutie, Hayley Neumann!

Hey Y'all! My name is Danielle Benson and I am an Event Management major at the University of Central Florida. I love to be outside, traveling the world,  working out, and being crafty. I am currently the Campus Activities Board Concerts Director, Vice President of the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International Collegiate Chapter, and a Sales Associate at Michael Kors. I have one last year here at school and plan to make the most of it! How do you plan to make the most of your school year?
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