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Campus Cutie: Austin Stirtz

Name: Austin Stirtz


Age: 21


Year: Senior


Hometown: Collegeville, Pennsylvania 


Major: Finance and Health Services Administration 


Relationship Status: In a relationship



How did you feel when you found out you were nominated for Campus Cutie? 

Um. Interested. I wasn’t quite sure what it was. 


Campus Involvement?

Intermural soccer and football. I also work on campus as a referee. That takes up most of the time I have to be involved in anything else. 


If you could listen to two artists for the rest of your life, who would it be?

Dean Martin and Kid Cudi


Dream date?

Strolling around Paris at night (He’s a fan of the twinkly lights)


Relationship advice?

Date a friend and also be honest. 


What do you find most attractive in a girl?

Intelligence. I also really like nurses. 


What’s the most Romantic thing you’ve ever done?

Well I brought her ice cream yesterday. I also bought her a jewelry box once that plays “You Are My Sunshine” and has a picture of us in it. 


Dream place to live?

New Zealand, on a cliff or something. 


If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

To stop time, because you can always do the right thing if you could stop time. 


What’s your favorite joke?

I don’t really have favorite jokes, I’m more sarcastic. 


If you could be a girl for a day, what would you do?

I don’t know, I would do everything I do now. Girls can do the same things as guys so I don’t think I would do anything differently. #GenderEquality

I actually would just want to hide. I wouldn’t want to encounter any guys because I know how they are and I know how they think. 


Biggest pet peeve? 

People who back out on plans. Also, don’t call me Buddy. 


Favorite college memory?

I would have to say going to Lollapalooza. It had tons of awesome music, I got to see Chicago and I got to travel with my friends. 


What advice do you have for college freshmen?

Don’t mess up in your early years because it only gets harder. Also, go to class. 


Most embarrassing moment? 

I don’t really have anything that I can think of because I always try to avoid these kind of situations. I guess you might consider this embarrassing, but I was with my friends ordering food at a drive-thru and I asked the lady for a medium-large Coke. The lady at the window was extremely confused and my friends never let me live that day down.


What are you currently binge watching on Netflix? 

I’m actually not watching anything on Netflix right now. It’s all about Crunchyroll, which is basically the Netflix of anime.



Rapid Fire Questions


Chipotle or pizza?

Oh this is a hard one. Pizza.


What question would you hate to answer?

Math questions


Mac or PC?

PC. Don’t get me started on my PC rant. (I did get him started)


Favorite movie?

All the Star Wars movies.


Favorite song at the moment? 

“I Feel Better” by Hot Chip


Cats or dogs?

Cats, they’re easier to take care of.


Spirit animal?

A lion, because I love cats and they’re hair goals. 


Favorite sports team?

Jacksonville Jaguars 


First kiss?



Favorite female feature?



Perfect Date? 

A date where there is no worries. 


Do you think girls stalk you? 

Probably not


Favorite place to eat at in Orlando?



Celebrity crush?

Ellen Degeneres


Celebrity man crush?

Brad Pitt


Guilty pleasure?

Korean dramas.


Paula is a senior Advertising and Public Relations major at UCF, patiently waiting to be mistaken as an Italian international pop senstation while on a school trip. She loves pizza, superhero movies, making her friends take pictures with her and caraoke. When she's not signging her heart out in the car, you can catch her trying to find the next best place to eat at in Orlando. Follow her on Instagram and see what her (food) dreams are made of. 
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