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Caffeine and I: How I Get Through Finals

With Finals creeping around the corner, many of us are wondering how on earth we’re going to pull through the end of the semester.  I don’t know about you, but by the time spring rolls around, I’m completely drained of that stamina that somehow keeps me committed to late nights at the library, and extra hours with my books.  I’m ready for summer, and long days at the pool….Not a cold dark corner on the fourth floor. 

However, the studying has to be done as Finals inch closer, and with two weeks until we’re done with the year, the pressure is on.  Staying awake is key, because as most of you know, it’s not how much time you put in; it’s how well you utilize the time you put in.  Three hours at the library spent texting and rewriting notes you took three weeks ago is hardly the same as three hours at the library highlighter in hand and flashcards by your side.  To truly get the most out of the time you allot yourself for test prep you need to have the energy/focus to get concentration. 

My favorite coffee drink that the UCF library has to offer is the eye opener.  A mix of coffee and espresso, it definitely keeps you up late into the night, enabling you to have the jolt of energy needed to hammer out the last of those papers, and finally get to that online quiz you’ve been avoiding. 
I generally tend to stay away from Red Bull and other similar energy drinks just because I notice more of a crash than I get with coffee.  They’ll give me a little energy for an hour or so, but it usually makes me antsy rather than focused.

Also, my favorite coffee drink in the world, that I have been completely and utterly infatuated with over the past four years is the Café Vanilla Frap from Starbucks.  However, that tends to run a higher toll on my wallet so I only buy that if I’m genuinely in need of hardcore motivation.  It’s perfect to bring with you to study by the reflection pond. 

Panera’s Caramel Latte is also a yummy study treat while still giving you the extra energy you crave.  It’s not as expensive as the Café Vanilla Frap and because it’s so steamy, it’s better to bring with you inside the cold library. 

People also say that ice water helps your concentration or even peppermint gum.  However, nothing really helps me as much as a piping hot cup of coffee does.  It’s that extra push to get out of my comfy bed and get to the library, books in hand. 

This time is stressful for everyone obviously, trying to bring up grades that have somehow fallen, and speaking with teachers who don’t even remember your name—clearly you need to stay focused and caffeinated when doing so.

Just mix that coffee rush with the endorphins linked to working out and you’re golden.  I know personally that I usually eat more when I’m stressed.  Working out not only counteracts the extra stress foods I’ve been consuming, it makes me more focused on what I need to do.  It helps me plan my days more effectively so I can get the most studying done. 

Good Luck!! 

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