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Brandon Buchalter ’14

Pensacola Beach’s Finest

Get ready, ladies. This week’s campus cutie is a handfull. Not only is he a hot surfer, but he also has the sarcasm and attitude of one. Although he may come off strong, he is truly a gentleman. His sense of humor is just one way he shows off his hilarious personality. Get to know this campus cutie!

Name: Brandon Buchalter

From: Pensacola Beach, FL

Major: Event Management

Minor: Marketing

Relationship status: Single

Interests/hobbies: I love surfing, stand up paddle boarding (SUP), the guitar, and respecting women.

Clubs: I’m the philanthropy chair of the Delta Upsilon Fraternity and the event manager for the surf club.

What do you look for in a girl: I look for a woman in a girl.

Do you have any special talents: I can play guitar better than anyone.

Can you cook? What’s your favorite meal: Yes; sushi all day.

Describe your perfect date: A girl buying plane tickets to Hawaii, massaging me the whole plane ride there, and being served exotic foods as we fly across the Pacific Ocean to spend our days on a romantic, island-paradise get away. A boy can dream…

What do you want to do in the future: I am going to be a surf/stand up paddle board event manager, and am going to travel around the globe developing the sport of SUP surfing.

What was your worst date ever: I tried to bring a girl out to a bonfire. We made out in the dunes of an abandoned beach, but when we got there, she got way too drunk and threw up all over the fire.

Best date: I blindfolded my old girlfriend on her birthday and took her to her favorite restaurant. Then blindfolded her again and walked her all the way to front and center seats of the Blue Man Group show at Universal Studios. I took off the blindfold right as the show started. 

Biggest turn on: A girl that can surf, skate, or speak in a full sentence.

What’s something that someone would never guess about you: I can’t smell or taste.

What’s your most embarrassing story: My friend pulled my shorts down while I was doing pull ups and wrapped my shorts around the bar below me, leaving me suspended and naked in the gym. It was senior citizen racquetball day so over 30 elderly people saw my goods, which lead to several awkward encounters with old women. 

Kathryn Tromba is a Junior at the University of Central Florida. She is majoring in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication and minoring in Magazine Journalism. She is the Twitter Manager for @HerCampusUCF, the Public Relations Chair for Rent the Runway UCF, and a Campus Ambassador for InternQueen.com.
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